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Monday, February 27, 2006


Spent the weekend in half agony, a burning lower back that wouldnt allow me to sit, stand, rest properly and had to alternate between ice packs and heat packs.

Thank goodness i didnt go to BKK for Rain's concert, which was a standing room only affair with crazy Bi'ers screaming themselves hoarse and rushing to the front. I hope Leng had fun at the concert and managed to do some shopping at the famous Chatuchak weekend market, and got something for ME! :D


Friday, February 24, 2006


wow, more than a week since my last post... been busy, been kinda sick and kinda angry.

so many things i wanted to blog about, but once the moment's passed, and my mood shifted, it just seem less important to blog about those things, and even if i did, the intention and the choice of words would have been different, do i and should i still?

anyways, whats been up were:

now that i've blog about them... are they still worth the kb? i dunno, but it is good to have gotten them out of my system. hope it's good for you too :D

(darn. i do feel better)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Midnite snack

I get hungry at midnite.
I dont know why.

It doesnt matter if i had ate well or poorly for dinner,
or what time i had my dinner.

I'll be hungry at 1130pm.
or 1230am if i had worked out.

I cant sleep till i've filled my stomach,
if I did try, I'd have tossed and turned and still wake up to snack.

2 pcs of bah quah, 1 pce of lao po bing, 2 sauage, 6 pcs of cookies, whatever.
I know I gotta look for more healthy alternatives,
low fat milk? bread? fruits? something else?
but knowing me, I'll probably look pass them when the next hunger pang strikes.
or worst, I'll still feel unsated and eat more of what i always eat anyways...


and that was me, not my stomach, for once.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

I got home last nite to a stalk of long-stem rose and a heart-shaped box of mon cheri chocolates (at least he knew i prefer them to ferrero roche) :)

but what i really really want is......

next year then? :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

E 060213

started 11:30pm. 2360 steps/ 21 min/ 420 cal

started with a target of 400 cal or 20 min whichever later, but went on just a little to warm down and did better than target. cool. might be becos i was exercising while watching MTV. time flies when you're not paying attention :LOL:

is it my over active imagination but i do not list to one side as much as before while on the eliptical? kept staring at the floor and wonder if the machine moved to a more balanced position... or is the chiro sessions helping? already? hmmmm...

did my usual stretches, sit ups and pushups, and "the plank". am up to 3 sets of 10 deep breaths now.


Chriro Treatment #2

Was early for once, and was told to lie face down on the treatment bench and wait for Dr. Greg. Evie said that lying down will help to relax the spine. Ok. but the long wait with my face stuck in a hole in the bench is causing creases to form around my face...

Told Dr. Greg about the great discomfort i had from the first session, basically was a wreck for the better of 2 days, and told him that i resorted to medical plasters to relieve the soreness.

he frowned and said, "medical plaster, that's heat, right?" "yup" "er... you were supposed to use ice packs" OOPIES!

he told me that only about 10~20% of pp experience pain from their initial treatments as their muscles responds "ANGRILY" to the spine manipulation. aha! bad muscles wanting to stay bad anology is right.

He started work on me pretty much the same as the last, but maybe some additional steps, and with less pressure. most were completed with a satisfying CReaaakk-CRRAACKKK-kkk sound, but 1 particular move involving the left neck wouldnt bulge and we left it as it is.

he then told me to try to use ice pack when i got home to reduce any discomfort further. ICE ICE ICE. yup. ok.

next session coming Weds.

i'm quite convinced that this is helping, and have asked my sis (who suffers from 2 fused lumbar and a slip disc) to go check out what they can do for her, and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be able to help.

Dont give me flowers on Valentine's

groan... Christmas, CNY and now Valentine's... isnt there too much commercialism already?

jewelry ads, shaver sales, teddy bears, hearts hearts hearts, overpriced flowers (i dont even like roses, unless they are blue), lingerie ads, overpriced meals for 2 with cheap bubbly (oh please, at least be at some exotic location, like we did one year in a cable car), hearts hearts hearts.

Dont give me flowers on Valentine's day, but dont you dare NOT give my anything too! >:)


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Chriro Treatment #1

went for my 1st chriro treatment last nite. what can i say? it was like cracking your finger joints, but with very much larger joints, more pain and much louder...

here's a walk through...

i didnt have to wait, cos i was late and the others were either late too or they had finished before i got there. YAY.

first i layed face down on the treatment bench, and Dr Greg did some unmemorable adjustments. Then i turned over and things got interesting. He craddled my face with 2 hands, sway them side-by-side and then crreeeakk-kkk-CRACK-K-K-K. my neck joints were adjusted. then the other side.

Next was my pelvis, with body face up on bench, and hip sideways, he moved my knees over and applied pressure... creaAAAKK-CRACCCCK-KKKKkkk OUCH! and then it was gone, and the other side. funnily, he said "the more relax you are, the easier this will be..." RELAX? faintz

Next was mid back, still lying face up, i was told to hug myself and lift my head, and then he pull and twisted my shoulder and CRAAACCCKKKKKkkkkk. and THE OTHER SIDE too.

and i was done, for this session anyways.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. i stood up and felt as if a huge stone was lifted off my back, almost floating and i felt a few inches taller!

i felt so good that i signed up for 20 sessions...

Dr. Greg told me that i may feel some soreness and to apply ice-pack if necessary, but he thought that since it was quite easy to adjust my alighnments, i might not feel thaaat much pain.

RIGHT.... cos i woke up in PAIN in the middle of nite when Kiddie E climbed into bed with us and Kiddie J started wailing and we had to let her sleep with us too. but I was SORE!!! in the neck-shoulder region, mid back, and lower back. it felt like i ran a marathon on my back and then was beaten up... i couldnt get comfortable whether standing/ lying down or sitting up. had to used about a whole box of Tou-Ku-Hai medical plaster to ease the aches before i could fall asleep again.

groan. i wonder if the soreness was due to the bad muscles trying to resist the new alighnment or the muscles were being trained to follow a new alighnment. errr.... is there any difference? yeah~! like is it bad pp trying to save themselves to stay bad or bad pp trying to make good. Psychological.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pretty gril dunno how to apply SP meh?

ran down to Funan to buy a new Screen Protector for my Treo, and went straight to Edpol for one.

A woman quoted me $22 for a no brand sp, saying that they will apply for me. I was short of time since i was supposed to be at a family dinner a few buildings away, and just for fun, i asked "how much if i apply it myself?"

With a look of incredulous on her face, "Not easy to apply one you know?".

"I've done it before".

She turned to the boss, "she say she want to apply herself"

"Have you done it before? it is not easy"

i wanted to scream "I've applied and taken out more than 10 SPs on more than 4 palms! but that's none of your business and whats your problem? is this the so called customer service or are you trying to make money for applying it for me?", but instead...

"i have but i dont really care, what brand is your SP?"

"er... it is brandless"

"is it clear or matt, i dont want it to be reflective"

"it is crystal clear"

"you have a sample?"

he showed me his treo. went under the light and my face glared back at me.

"too reflective. no thanks"


went to next shop. they have an even more brandless SP. but they lost me when they asked Treo 600 or Treo 650? They both have the same dimensions and uses all the same accessories.


Went to AAAS. Asked for a SP. Girl passed me a brand which i'm familiar with, and say she will apply it for me. I said no thanks, she turned toward her boss and ask how? He charged me $18.


what? pretty girsl must to be too stupid to apply SP on their pda, which they must never have hotsync in the first place izit? sheesh.


Monday, February 06, 2006

Boh liao test

took a boh liao test from DK's blog.

Says that I'll be dead in March 2053 when i'm 81.9 years old, more than half likely to be from a heart attack.

heart attack is a good way to go, a huge sudden pain and then shut down, not too messy too. please... not a slow dying painful cancer. anyways, the other possible ways of me dying are

56% heart attack
24% car accident
13% loneliness
5% drowning of the lungs
2% wounds
i'm conflicted, on the one hand, that sounds really old! like will i still know who i am then? and i'll love to see my children's kids (i do apologise, i do know that that's such a cliche...), but will i still know who THEY are then?

More SCSM Aftermath

ok, my toe nail from middle toe of right feet fell off last nite, leaving behind a tiny shilver of new thin nail. kinda weird but it reminds me of soft shell crab, or more accurately, soft shell prawn (if there is such a thing) since its shell is transparent.

dont know whether it was becos of the run, or the trauma of having stubbed my toes several times in the day, first for following E too closely when shopping, or when mom mowed into my feet while vacuuming the floor.

it was yucky, since i still had my CNY deep purple polish on on the other toes... and the piece that fell off had those polish on too. i could post a pic of that nail, but i thot better of it. :p

the 2 big toe nails are wobbly too. and it is slightly freaking me out. what if i never get to have proper nails and what if i never get to wear nail polish on my toes again?!!! groan...


Run 060205

Had a short 4km run (ha. love it, 4 km is now short to me :D ) at ulu pandan canal.

starterd just after 6pm after the kiddies napped, and had wanted to make sure that it will be peak time (for safety, am still a little spooked from the rape cases at quiet hours there last year, even tho the perpertrator has been caught had been sentenced to 20 years + 24 canings for 1 rape, 1 sodemy and 1 attemtpted rape + robbery).

was extremely windy and was drizzling a little. did wondered for a split second whether to turn back (as i was starting) when it started to drizzle, but i felt too excited to be on my first run for the year.

the intention was for a slow, no stopping, finding my feet kinda run. took just 30:20 min for slightly over 4km, on negative splits all the way. might have done worst if not for chasing an aunty who came behind me and left me trying to catch up :D

i'll be really happy to be able to keep up with this 2 x eliptical machine + 1 x run per week routine. ;)


E 060204

Once you start, you cant stop :D

started 11:25pm. 2080 steps/ 20 min/ 380 cal

did my usual stretches, sit ups and pushups, and some weights. and added a new exercise called "the plank". basically, supporting myself on forearms and toes while facing the floor, and it works out the body core muscles. am doing just 1 set of 20 deep breaths, while the last 5 usually killing me as i wobble. I'm trying to work up to 3 sets of 15.

was doing stretches while i bend over at the waist, and found that my right knee seem to be higher than the left's... wonder if it is just my imagination or am i better at noticing the imbalances due difference in hip height?


Friday, February 03, 2006

Runners World

Was reading the latest issue of Runners' World and 2 things struck me:

1. New York Marathon Finishers
They had a photo feature of some NY Marathon finishers, and most had completed in sub-4 (3 hours plus) to sub-6. I was looking out for pp who finished near to my time in SCSM sub-8, and found only a man who finished in sub-7. Upon closer examination, the man was an DOUBLE amputee who had an accident in his younger days, and were running on prosthesis...

2. Fat %
there was a little table for Fat %, for woman, it was along the lines of

Essential 9% (bare minimum)
Atheletic 11~13%
Fitness 14% ~ 19%
Average 20% ~ 24%
Acceptable 25% ~ 28%
AFAIR (as far as i remember, but the numbers seem just a little screwy)

Since i weigh myself almost everyday with a digital scale that measures weight to 0.1kg, and fat % to 0.5%., i know that my 1st thing in the morning % is 3% more than my last thing in the night %, and my 1st thing in the morning weight is 0.7kg less than last thing in the night.

bearing in mind that morning figures are probably skewed due to dehydration in the night, i'm more inclined to take the night numbers, which is between 23.5% at my best when training for SCSM and 25% on average now.

I read from Renohtaram's blog that he is at 12.3% now and he wants to go to 8~9%. faintz

I'm gonna be working towards a consistent 23% and weight below 48kg by my birthday. :)


E 060202

OKAY! my first E session!

started 11:05pm. 1951 steps/ 17 min/ 358 cal

not too shabby.
did my usual stretches, sit ups and pushups, and some weights.

felt great! i mean, not too much jiggly bits, and not too out of condition despite the almost 2 months lay off.

Have decided to emulate some of the SgRunners who put in a tally in their blog of TOTAL FOR THE YEAR. :)


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Afford to

had my heart set on doing my first work-out of the year (2006, not just year of the dog, :o ) on my eliptical machine.

it was the best time to do so cos the kiddies will be spending the nite at MIL's and i'll finally have some free time to myself, and not just time snatched between their fallen asleep and my own utter exhaustion.

and most importantly, i had a sudden enlightenment while traveling on the train ride towards home.

What if, i had to run, not because i like it, but because my life depended on it?
not just for the solidarity, clarity of mind, or even for my sanity,
but say, becos of diabetes, muscle atrophy etc?
could i not afford the time?
could i afford NOT to have the time?

and then something stupid happened on the way home when an argument on childcare and housework ensued between E and I. and i was upset enough to have to duck to the bathroom to have a long hot shower, before my workout.


damn, i wish i was born a man and i can take off in the night for a run without a care to (sexual) bodily harm or harrassment.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


gosh~! i'm so glad to be in the office... some peace and quiet and rest (heehee) at last.

The last few days have been a whirl of activities... and i must be the only person to lose weight during CNY (okay, i know there are still 11 days to go... but still!).

anyways, a recap.

26-1-05 Reunion Dinner
had to rush to change E's shirt from M to L, and get assorted things done (including getting the W800i :D BIG GRIN! )
with E's family. steam boat. YUM.

27-1-05 Company dinner.
it was supposed to be a year-end dinner postponed from last year, and now that it is JANUARY, we had to call it a "reunion dinner"

was held at grand coptorne waterfront. ordered lou-hei in late afternoon and stressed out the banquet manager and chef, cos the hotel doesnt have a restuarant, and all food were served direct from the kitchen who ordered only just enough for the day. *roll eyes* taunted them to order from Cystal Jade from Great World City. luckily they managed to pull it off.

a wonderful surprise cos while we were tucking into the yu-sheng, our room had a direct view of the fireworks over chinatown. cool~! and my boss cracked that the fireworks was sponsored by the company, and you should see our company initials in the fireworks any time soon. HAHAHA.

there were only 28 of us, half tee-totallers, and the rest of us finished a 20l barrel of beer, and 7 bottles of black label, AND that was only the first round...

we then walked over to a KTV, where more drinks followed, i escaped most of the second round when i had to help take care of a colleague who was down...
zzz at 4am

28-1-05 Reunion Dinner
with my mom. home made budha jumped over the wall. ermmmmm.... weird.

quick work in printing out the angpow game plan, and packed all in the night while we shou-sui.
zzz at 3am

29-1-05 CNY Day 1
was at MIL's, and everybody came over to visit. too many pp too little room. and then more visiting.

Dinner at Marina Mandarin, no time to eat while entertaining the kids. Had to slapped Kiddy E's thigh when she put her foot on the table, after i explicitly told her not to put her foot on the chair. she held her tears until E came along, and she started howling. sigh~*
zzz at 2am

30-1-05 CNY Day 2
more visiting. including to cousin J's house, a departure from norm which is held at cousin C's house. sad story that. and the resulting effect was everybody wished me and E a sweet and successful marriage on top of good health and prosperity. AND i took care to not mention that to cousin J, wishing her good health and fillial kids and success in their studies. sigh~*

E went mahjong for the evening, and brought kiddy E. Then he made a quick trip back to bring her home for milk and zzz. heard he made a killing to the tune of $300. must start planning simi valentine present i want liao. :D
I took care of both kiddies, and did housework. oops, i didnt have dinner. ok. bak kwa :)
zzz at 130am.

31-1-05 CNY Day 3
dressed Baby J in a pretty white cotton dress with red dragon flies, and that beautiful sight lasted only 10mins. cos she got hold of a red market, and proceeded to draw on her dress, her hands, her thighs and her sister's thigh. ARGGH.

mom's open house. more pp, more saying of good things and exchange of kum and angpow. phew.

finally got the kids to take a nap, unfortunately baby J woke up when she fell off the bed.... !!!
zzz at 2am, but with lots of interruptions. Kiddy E complaining of stomachache (mama, my stomach so big becos i ate so much, tomorrow i dont want to eat so much okaaaay?), and Baby J was thirsty throughout the nite.

yawnz. back to work. ah~ bliss.

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