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Monday, February 06, 2006

Run 060205

Had a short 4km run (ha. love it, 4 km is now short to me :D ) at ulu pandan canal.

starterd just after 6pm after the kiddies napped, and had wanted to make sure that it will be peak time (for safety, am still a little spooked from the rape cases at quiet hours there last year, even tho the perpertrator has been caught had been sentenced to 20 years + 24 canings for 1 rape, 1 sodemy and 1 attemtpted rape + robbery).

was extremely windy and was drizzling a little. did wondered for a split second whether to turn back (as i was starting) when it started to drizzle, but i felt too excited to be on my first run for the year.

the intention was for a slow, no stopping, finding my feet kinda run. took just 30:20 min for slightly over 4km, on negative splits all the way. might have done worst if not for chasing an aunty who came behind me and left me trying to catch up :D

i'll be really happy to be able to keep up with this 2 x eliptical machine + 1 x run per week routine. ;)


haha, so 4-km is short distance now? :)
haha. yup. but thats nothing compared to you guys... short is less than 10km? ;)
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