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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Forward mail is not communication

One should understand and remember that forwarding jokes / dubious email advice, medical or otherwise, is not communication, even if it was forwarded with the best of intentions (but then I'm a firm believer that the road to hell is paved with good intentions).

I am not sure which is sadder:

- when such email are caught by the spam filter and sent straight to spam folder such that I don't even bother to read them and click "not spam", or

- that this is 95% of communication that I've received from you?



Monday, April 12, 2010

Good English

The girls were ranking the most poisonous animals in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD (dont ask me why and how) and this conversation came up:

Kiddie J:"The second goodest is the King Cobra!"
(She currently ends every sentence with an exclamation mark, except for questions which will end with a question mark AND an exclamation mark)

Kiddie E:"NOOOOO.... you cannot say goodest!"
(Unlike Kiddie J, Kiddie E only uses exclamation marks when correcting her younger sister's mistakes.)

"You should say 'The second BETTER!' "


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A Sigh of Relief


Practically non-stop working days and nights and twilights over the last one and half months due to multiple clashing deadlines.

- Year end reportings
- Tax issues
- Board Meetings
- International Sales Conference of which I am host and organiser

Finally, all done (well, I'm still owing the meeting minutes for the Board Meetings and some actions to be taken for the Sales Conference) but all the guests are finally home and I can breathe easier now.

Thank you to all the friends who checked up on me when they noticed that I was still on MSN way after bedtime and that usually meant that I am still in the office at some ungodly hour.

I am back!


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