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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The John Edwards Saga

Or "How to Hurt Somebody Even More By Doing It Slowly and Repeatedly on a Stronger Degree Each Time"

Or "What not to do when trying to damage control"

Or "Lie Lie Lie: How not to confess"


So he cheated.

When his wife was battling breast cancer.

He confessed.

But only because he can no longer credibly deny or evade the issue.

He first told her that it was a one-night stand.

It must have Hurt.

Then it was a few times over a short period. He didn't love that woman. That it was over.

More Hurting, just when the initial hurts are beginning to feel less painful.

She stood by him.

Then it was a full-blown affair, and though wasn't really over "then", but it is really over "now".

Even more Hurting, twice betrayed just when trusts were being rebuilt on thin ice.

Chillingly, he even had the cheek to say that he didnt cheat when she was battling cancer, she was in "remission" as if that in some way made it "better".

Then that woman had a baby. A fall guy was appointed, and lies fabricated.

It wasn't his. The timing wasn't possible. Really unless you found some way to prove that it is that he couldnt deny.

They did.

He had to admit it was his.

The betrayed wife finally broke when the hurt and humiliation was too much to bear. How can she even stand to be in the same bed, room, house, country with him?

A separation. And she should have done so much much much earlier and saved herself from the multiple betrayals and public humiliation, each cutting deeper into the exact places where the earlier cuts went. Instead of believing him still the man she had first met and fell in love with; being the man she thought he was; or even being the mirage of the man he never really was.

With this, a cutting off and hope. The hope that there will be no fear of more hurt and humiliation to be borne.

I wish her Resilience especially in the face of accusations that she was in fact human and real.

On the book Resilience: It was a darn good read if you have obstacles in your path or even in you, and you want to need to have to some how have to continue.

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