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Monday, February 27, 2006


Spent the weekend in half agony, a burning lower back that wouldnt allow me to sit, stand, rest properly and had to alternate between ice packs and heat packs.

Thank goodness i didnt go to BKK for Rain's concert, which was a standing room only affair with crazy Bi'ers screaming themselves hoarse and rushing to the front. I hope Leng had fun at the concert and managed to do some shopping at the famous Chatuchak weekend market, and got something for ME! :D



sorry didn't have time to blog about my bkk trip... only had a bit of time today to read your blog as well...

Rain's concert was fantastic! i was like only about 3 arms' length from him!!! *fainted*

you can imagine me that 'high' during the entire concert, forgot my legs were aching from the long queue to get in, forgot they were aching from the more than 2 hours of standing and dancing and jumping! forgot i lost my voice from all the singing and screaming!! gosh! forgot lots of things which i will slowly tell you... LOL

wow! saw pics of your feet! nails???? *fainted* anymore dropping?? *fainted*

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