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Monday, January 19, 2009

Stop crying

Kiddie E started Primary 1 this year.

E and I "accompanied" her on the 1st 3 days of school. i.e. Sending her to school, sending her to queue up according to her class, watch her eat her snacks during recess, and watch her get on to the correct school bus to go home. None of which actually doing anything with her or for her.

She seemed fine and enjoyed school most of the time. She also seemed rather surprised that some of the other P1s cried in school.

E and I couldnt hide our pride that our little girl was handling her 1st major milestone so well. But I guess we spoke too soon...

Cos she was fine UNTIL parents were no longer allowed into the school compound from the 4th day onwards, having to stop right in our tracks at the school gates...

THEN the tears started flowing.

Not the BWA-WA-WA type, but the silent tears spilling out of the eyes, rolling over the cheeks and the chin, and plopping onto the front of her school uniform type...


I didnt "actually" see cos E sends her to school on his way to work. Thankfully. But it was heart-pain all the same from hearing his report and imagining it.

When I met her at home at the end of the day, she came to me for comfort and told me that she had cried. "I cried in school today. I never tell lie and say that I didn't cry cos I really cried." Then she proceeded to complain that she didnt like her teachers, her scratchy uniform, the food in the canteen, her classmates, her buddy, and that school was boring.

E reported that she cried the next day too.

She told me that night "I also cried today. BUT I cried less and stopped earlier" to much praises from me.

E reported that she cried on the 3rd day too.

And she said "I cried a little today, but then I read a funny book during silent reading and I stopped crying already."

E reported that she didnt cry on the 4th day.

She said "I didn't cry at all today! ACTUALLY I wanted to cry a little bit, but then I CONTROLLED and I didnt cry"

gosh, my brave little girl.


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