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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not today

Just something I've picked up on the web today.

" I can only please one person a day.

Today is not your day.

Tomorrow isn't looking too good either. "



Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Kids Talk

Kiddie J has started reading and is using her new vocab.

The latest:

"Why are you so hot? Do you need the fan?"

"Yeah, I am so hot that I am aspiring!"




Has been a couple of months since I last blogged.

To think that I used to post something at least once a month unfailingly since June 2005 till April 2010... a period of almost 5 years, with nary an adsense or pop up revenue.

I've not lost the motivation to share my thoughts, but they have turned dark and I am still working them out.

It first started with the small things, a Taiwan trip that I had enjoyed (but not as much as I thought I would have, especially the food), my car's wing mirror being torn off by a (i suspect) a reckless motorcyclist who squeezed by my parked car and another car too closely without leaving a note and costing me $260 and untold inconveniences, communication troubles in the home, stresses from kids schooling and education, housework, work etc.

All of these incidents used to provide much fodder for my blog, even better if I can find some humor or irony in them, which I think makes you (about 4 of my readers) chuckle a little. :)

But then, slowly I found little humor in such things as they started weighing on me. I could have shared them but I couldnt find the words, not without scaring the people who read them, or myself.

Even regularly driving 20km/h above the speed limits on almost every road, and once pushing 137km/h doesnt faze me much now a days, except when I spy a mata and I couldnt slow down fast enough without drawing attention.

But having to quieten down and sort out my thoughts scares me. I was unwilling, unable to take a break, always trying to juggle more balls and doing even more to make things better.

Things didnt come a head and crashed on me, though Baby V did fell off the bed accidentally and that triggered an argument between E & I.

After which I couldnt take it anymore and shared with him some of my struggles (leaving any mention of speed and the worst bits) in a letter to him. He has started trying harder and doing more. Although that helps only a little in actuality, but the effects of him even trying is that he has calmed me down somewhat and gives me courage to go on.

Bear with me, my friend. I will be back.

I promise.


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