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Friday, March 18, 2011

Music with love

The sexual content over the radio in the car is just too much for my girls even if they dont get it and havent started asking questions...

Unfortunately normal kiddie songs are over-optimistic and doesnt sit well with my psyche as I drive... instead of making me happy as well, I just grit my teeth...

So I've started making my own mix tapes (the ultimate expression of love if you are from my era) or in the modern name : playlists

The mission is 2-fold:
1. For the girls to stay as kids for as long as they can, but on top of that, to grow up to be confident, resilient and happy girls who are open to different experiences.

2. To introduce them to a huge variety of songs from different genre (broadway, rock, inspirational, pop, the inevitable-disney, big band, and classics) but with a bias towards positivity.

The first playlist I've made in Apr 10 looked like this:

- I'd like to teach the world to sing to keep them in familiar kids territory and i really love that old coke commercial

- Over the rainbow sweet little song that Kiddie E learned to play on the piano

- By the light of the silvery moon nice show tune

- Stand by me BEN E KING and the film "Stand by me" adopted from a story by Steven King, scary and uplifting at the same time. Great film, you've gotta watch it.

- Rainbow connection Kermit the Frog's version about wonders and wondering

- Tomorrow (from Annie) things may be bleak and wary, but it might get better... tomorrow! Just because it will be a brand new day.

- I have a dream ABBA" i have a dream, a song to sing, to help me cope with anything"

- Beauty and the beast I have to throw something from Disney...

- Mmmbop What fun right? :)

- One step at a time Jordan Sparks. Baby steps might take forever, but at least you're moving!

- Baby Justin Bieber before my kids fall asleep or start protesting against the over preaching...

- The time of my life David Cook and soft rock for me to compensate for the song just prior

- Life is a roller coaster Yup, thats life

- There she goes cute whimsical for a change of pace

- Love story Tyler swift, cant get away from her, but she's pretty... and there's mention of princess and stuff in the song

- I hope you dance What i really want for the girls

- If we hold on together Another Disney song

- You raise me up Josh Groban inspirational

- Ave Maria Celine Dion beautiful spiritual


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