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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elected Presidential

Read a very good commentary from Catherine Lim, the famous writer who once incurred the rile of the-then PM Goh who placed out-of-bound markers on political commentaries.

That dovetails with my take on the expectations of the people vs the constitution, though mine is much less elegant.

My version:

The people is looking for ah-gong (grandfather or influential elder), one who will take their father to task for being a harsh and uncaring disciplinarian, who seems to favor their business sibling but not them.

Unfortunately, what we are electing is a Jeeves (that all knowing butler) who will help to manage the household in the social upkeeping and morale-boosting, but he will never usurp his master, but only to guard the house and safe with fervor when the mistress drives away the master and bring with her a new lover.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Old fashion

Call me old fashion but I believe in the p's and q's

An incident today with the new secretary (not mine, thank goodness, my boss's. If I had one I would have gotten a male, less emotional issues aside, but the novelty of a guy making coffee and tea on demand!)

Right... The incident.

My office is situated on the 2 level in a factory building. To access my office, I will have to unlock the 1st level glass door, go to level 2, unlock the level 2 glass doors then another wooden door to my dept. The 1st level door has 2 panels, the left is usually locked and we only use the one on the right.

We are currently undergoing renovation and the secretary opened the left panel of the glass door for work to be done. But when she left for the day, she left it unlocked. Unfortunately, she alone has the key to that glass door panel because she had been at least a month tardy in duplicating it

Even more unfortunately, I was the last to leave after a long dreary day and had to deal with it. I trekked up to level 2, opened the level 2 doors, searched through the spare key cabinet, went down but the keys didnt work, cos they were to the right panel, which I already have.

Called her mobile at least 5 times before she picked up. Informed her of the problem (which she had caused, mind you), and her first words were "oh shit" no apologies, then she helpfully asked me if I would like to try to use a padlock and chain, as if she was trying to solve my problem, instead of me helping her to rectify her mistake. I took it the pad lock and from level 2, locked the doors, went down and my phone ringed. "oh, I didn't take my keys, they are on my desk (at level 2 obviously).

Tired and hungry, I went up, unlocked the doors, took her keys, returned the pad lock and chain, locked the doors and went down again. Locked the level 1 main doors and left, almost half an hour later when I first tried to leave.

No apology in any of the phone conversations, and obviously no thanks for saving her ass.

She is very good with PR stuff like getting birthday cakes and stuff, but these fluff fun and laughter cannot make up for a lack of basic manners.

Or maybe i'm just old fashion.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It just occurred to me that since Baby V and a recent family crisis re health of an elderly member, I haven't gone out, like to shop or dinner with friends.

Other than for work, or family occasions, I literally havent spoken to anybody for months.

I wonder how many friends have since moved on.

I need to talk to somebody.

Is anybody there?


Friday, August 12, 2011

Pick up

Was having a conversation with some random sales lady on the phone, who tried to sell me some marketing services for my company.

I was having a good day and decided to explain nicely why it didnt work.

At the end of it, she asked me for my mobile to "keep in touch, go for a drink or shopping"

... ... ...

I declined nicely.

She was undeterred, and rattled on about how I sounded like her age (22) and fun... blah blah blah, hang out, blah blah blah...

... ... ...

Was that a pick up?

From a GIRL?

Most importantly, should i be flattered?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time goes awasting!

A very long time ago, the main time waster in the office used to be flash games or chat rooms, and ircs

Then came along forums, especially SPUG.

Then blogs

Then internet shopping

Right now it is a combination of share tracking, blog sites and some shopping.

Belonging to that generation who believes that there is such a thing as TMI* I have a problem with self-censorship and therefore have never really quite catch on to FaceBook, and thankfully not the games as well. (Google+ is more my cup of tea but nobody is on it...)

The progression seems to be a decrease in interaction, and that is scary.

The upside is that I have more useless/ or useful-but-unlikely-to-use information then before, is more up-to-date with news that doesnt concern me, and keeping with trends of things I am unlikely to buy or use.

Having said that, if you have time to kill and want to check out where you can spend them, these are places I go:

Lifehacker for useful (YMMV)** information for techies and general living
Jezebel for interesting news and opinions with a feminist slant
Get Rich Slowly Personal Finance and Investment Advice
Quirky where people invent/ influence stuff and make $ if the things get sold
ASOS for trendy clothes with free international shipping

There is a dearth of good sites, tell me where do you go?

* Too Much Information
** Your Mileage May Vary

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kids talk

Even at 9, Kiddie E is still mixing up her vocab.

"I don't feel and I don't have an appetite. I don't know why I'm being such a fuzzy eater..."



The green spaces around SengKang is no more. All are either built-up, in process of being built-up or land parcel being sold.

The crowd is unbearable. There is no space to park a car, and the squeeze on the LRT and MRT is incredible. Every shop and food stall is full house, so you will either have to eat dinner at 6pm or 830pm.

Even the malls are being built-up.

I feel suffocated.

It will only get worst.

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