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Friday, October 28, 2005

jazzy fashion show @ tangs & co

had an invite from leng to a live jazz + fashion show + free moet (hic*) + free food (cheese balls sigh*) at tangs & co. nice stuff but high $100 and up for most items. can see can touch cannot buy. :D

asked marie along and told her about the live jazz, she asked for the name, and when i told her, her response was "dunno, not famous enough" LOL


Rant 051028

Yet Another Slimming Ad

overly enthusiastic pill-popper: trust fanny wong, trust stupid pill!
fanny wong: no, trust yourself.

i wonder, does it mean that fanny wong and stupid pill prefer not to be held accountable?

and precisely, trust yourself! you can do it without the stupid pill! *disclaimer: unless under doctor's advice.

Stupid men with briefcases on board MRT
i have seen more than once, only today, i finally tripped over one.

stupid men who place their briefcase on the floor, between their legs. fine when the train is moving. but when they (the men and their briefcases) are obvious obstacles, they merely move their bodies exaggeratedly either without moving their feet+briefcase, or only moving their feet. result--> you stumble over their briefcases.

Hello~ move your butt, your body, your feet and YOUR BRIEFCASES outoftaway!

same applies for aunties with big butts who merely turn so that their bums are in your way instead of their whole body, in front of lift doors, mrt doors, anyway, OUTOFTAWAY!


Monday, October 24, 2005

Run 051023

Went for a well equipped run i.e. cap + camelbak.

started at 5:15pm and ended 6:34pm, inclusive of 5min toilet break at dover mrt. 2 rounds of 4.7km or 5km (depending on who you believe) ulu pandan canal - clementi rd loop.

basic stats: 9.4km or 10km, 1:14 hr (after less 5min toilet break to top up camelbak), marathon time : 5:31hr (based on 9.4km) and 5:13hr (based on 10km... wah...)

anyways, interesting run. cap was good for keeping sweat from running down my eyes, but cant tell whether well protection from sun cos no sun :D. but it was light, did not trap heat (oh i hate those), and didnt fly off even tho i didnt make it too tight which therefore meant (most importantly) did not give me a headache,

camelbak gave me lots of confidence and convenience of not swinging a bottle when i run, but i may have taken too many sips (every 7min) cos 1 ran out at the 7km mark!!! i thot i had filled the 800ml fully, but next time must measure how much i really poured. almost panicked but then consoled myself that at least i'm not giong to end up like pp who die in deserts with water still in their canteens, it is way better to have the water in me than ON me. anyways, lightbulb sign on when i passed by dover mrt, thus the pit stop to refuel 1/3. Must start thinking about water discipline (oh, so dune, so frank herbert), drink less and be less dependent. no chaff, but the darn thing was a little too big for me even at the tightest setting, and worn over shirt and pants. it got looser as i drank. sigh. next time try the bigger 1500ml one. i filled it with mostly cold water and it was so luxurious to be sipping cold water as i ran :)

wore my new NB 1060, but with thicker socks this time. no blisters, but it hurt slightly at the top arch, and i sorta felt my toes moving too much in the toe box. must redo lacing.

ulu pandan canal was recently paved over with black tar and the distances are better marked, in fact every 100m instead of the sporadic 400/ 200/ dunno what previously where some guesswork was required. clementi rd was shady with wide pavement but a little uneven becos of tree roots. some gradient (dont dare to call them hill... HAHA) work too. nice. but a little too quiet, wont run there after dark.

came back for a quick shower, and found no damage other than some thigh strain and slight chaff from sports bra. must remember to put some 3B cream next time.


Friday, October 21, 2005

E 051020

didnt make it out of the house after i got home, was late and tired, not to mention probably unsafe to run alone so late. and i was simply too tired. it felt like i was scraping the bottom of the barrel of energy, and not even coming up with scraps.

slightly rested and feeling guilty, i HAD to do something... I changed strategy and attacked the ecliptical machine.

40:00min, 4270 strides, 677 calories. pretty good workout plus stretching and push ups and sit ups. had wanted to go for at least 45min on the E machine, but blisters were threatening to form on both feet, the nike sock liner didnt help, and neither did the Neat 3B cream, gotta try surgical tape to see if they'll help.

i expected to get a good night's sleep, but the adrenaline rush kept me up till 2am, and then i fell into a deep sleep. and feeling better this morning :) but i still want my full body massage soon...

heh, the massage lady calls my full body massage + foot reflexology session as overhauling :D


Thursday, October 20, 2005

running in the rain

i had only ran twice in the rain, once in ulu pandan canal, and once for the ntu 168km 50th anniversay run. was an escort for TLR from station #24 - #26. took a bus to 25, and ran home (near 24). was my first night run in drizzles and in group. it was very very quiet on the 25-26 stretch, except for cyclists in training, and a team of policemen who set up speed trap near SK. me? more like speed bump.

wanted to run a longish 12km last weekend, had alllll my gear (camelbak, raceready cap, 2 pairs of socks, nb shoes etc etc) packed but the rain didnt let up, not until i had my dinner ;p

anyways, i gotta start, i'm already so late in my training for SCSM, and the retest and additional driving lessons earlier this month really derailed my plans, not to mention the kids falling sick one after the other cycle.

gosh~* i feel too tired to even stay awake in the day, but i keep thinking that by using energy (that i dont have) to exercise i will have more energy... does it work like that? maybe only becos i might sleep better in the night, but that is provided baby E doesnt share our bed, or cough and vomit on the bed sheet again.


gotta run later.


Monday, October 17, 2005

New stuff on Blog

just added 2 things to blog template:

- Things i'm lusting after
for pp who need help in getting me presents :lol:

- Visitor meter.
On page view, start from zero and no page count from my pc. Dont know if it works or not. ;)
actually didnt want to have one, cos it wasnt important to me, and darn it will be embarrassing (not to mention depressing.... but eh? i thot it wasnt important?! :o ) if it doesnt register any hits or only like 1 hit per week. :p

shall see. ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2005


that elusive sleep, the z monster, where is he?

havent been sleeping well, cant fall asleep, bad dreams, frequent wakings

i feel worst when i awake than if i had not slept at all

i cant sleep, and then i cant wake up, and then i cant stay awake.


and i'm cranky as hell, the stupid headache isnt helping...


Tuesday, October 11, 2005


no no no, not sex.

but lusting after stuff. Like:

- the w800i to go on long runs with. hp for emergency, radio and mp3 for company. and so light at 99g, and fantastic camera phone. whats there not to like about this phone?

- a smaller and faster starting digital camera cos the sony d-9 is too slow to startup and too big to lug around easily.

- a small mp3 player if not the w800i to accompany me on long runs.

- a gym membership

- a polar heart rate monitor to help keep me in the target heart rate zone when exercising.

- a road i.d. so that i do not run annoymously, and should anything happen to me on runs, my id, ICE#, blood type etc can be found easily.

see? everything got use one. not like i want becos i want. well, unfortunately they are not needs either (with the exception of w800i tho, that is a total NEED right?)

prob is i find great difficulty (never say never) in settling for the lesser which will be cheaper. if want, must get the best, but at the best price lahhhhh of course. but then i'm broke and cant afford the best at this very moment.

paddy gave me his contact for pretty decent price for the w800i, but i thot long and hard and agonised about it and still couldnt do it. almost succumbed to the starhub S-E roadshow selling the w800i at $568 with 2 ms-duo with new line sign up over the weekend, but had to go for driving lessons and missed that.

must lun and save $. hopefully the price will come down soon enough.

just realised that with the $3k i spent on driving, i could have bought all these stuff and more... sigh~*. i guess the driving license is more important lah. hor?


i passed i passed i passed!

i passed my 3A practical test.

okaaaay... so it's $3k later and on the second try, but i passed i passed i passed.

compared to the 1st try, this time everything went pretty smoothly, with the exception that i almost overdosed on panadol last nite on a killer headache and lost count of how many i took (3 in 30 min, but i survived :D)

woke up from a bad dream, but on time with the ring from my Treo 650. quick shower, rechecked that i got my stuff, dressed and left. even got a seat on the SK MRT!!! good sign! arrived at BG MRT at 847am, prob just missed the bus, but since i was prepared, just went to take a cab lor (unlike the 1st time when i toot-toot waited for 5-10min)

ran smack into Frankie, my cousin at BBDC. and he wanted to take me for the warm up session! sweat, sicarli drive terribly, then my whole big wide extended family will all know! heng heng everything swee swee except that i turned the steering wrong side in the direction change while engrossed in talking with him. then out on the road and back, and waiting for the test.

debated whether to go for breakfast/ milo/ toilet, and decided against all. didnt want to miss the roll call and briefing like the last time. no nerves this time, just relac one corner and see the testers come up with pp after their tests. think i only saw 1 who came out with a grin. the rest couldnt hide their results slips fast enough.

noticed 2 girls in my test slot, 1 with chao-been face, and another with buay-zai look.

roll call and ballot. i got route 4. wah, right turn out but then easy all the way. :D everything swee in the circuit until the verticle parking. reverse too fast (as always) but this time overshot, drove forward a little but guess not enough cos i ended very very very close to the right. tester frowned and came down to check. i wanted to open door and check also but decided not cos i open door means knock pole. he came back and say very close! but then say move forward. wondered how many points he will deduct but disregarded that thot and just went and did everything as usual.

supposed to Left turn at junction. OBSTRUCTION 10m before junction! filter right. then tester hint hint,"turn left at junction". filter left then left turn. heng*

on the road. stupid bus parked at double-zig-zag line before zebra-crossing. muttered to myself, is the bus gonna be there for long? hazard lights on, no driver. have to overtake then. okie dokie.

ANOTHER stupid van parked at double yellow line, next to double white line on narrow road. had to overtake. this time tester say never overtake fast enough, may cause obstruction to opp traffic, oooookay lor.

smooth smooth. last right turn towards BBDC. yellow light flashed just as i reached the stop line, hesitated for half a sec, and decided to go for it. heng heng still yellow light when i crossed the junction. phew.

kenna 12 in the end, some were for faults with free points :D. but a pass is a pass is a pass :D

took new color pic, watched video (girl with chao-been passed and still chao-been, prob born like that; buay-zai zabor queue to pay money for more lessons), queued up an hour to apply for driving license cos lunch time. small paper slip and license will be mailed to me in 2 weeks. YAY!


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