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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

NBRR official net time

yup. it's official. 1:26:00 net ;)

i will do better next time


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Mini D Day : NBRR 050828

So.... my MINI D DAY

My first race and first 10km run for me this year

The nite before
didnt have much rest the nite before (diff bed cos stayed at mom's, 2 sick girls who wanted their pacifier, water, pat-pat to sleep again).

even tho i laid out my gear properly before i slept, i was comtemplating whether to go cos tho i didnt have blocked nose anymore, i was hardly recovered. decided that if i missed my alarm clock at 6am, i will give it a miss.
think i managed to catch 4 hours of sleep in total from 1130pm to 530am

finally got up at 530 to feed the baby milk.
ate a piece of bread and had my own water parade.

getting there and pre-race
bus journey was uneventful tho was pretty conscious of my raceready shorts being too short (read indecent) for morning bus ride. got to Harbourfront bus interchange but had a shock to see so many pp queueing up for the sentosa bus, and so so so many kids and so so so many fit and buff bodies.

paid 10c to go to the loo at the bus station. (good move there cos each queue at the porta-loo were at least 12 deep, saw a man running towards the front of the loo with a look of distress, only to be crestfallen when he saw the queue. dunno what happened to him... )

Panic. will i be able to find the SgRunners group at the visitor carpark? do i have to run with my bag? sms'd cyberkinetic for help and thankfully, managed to meet up with him, and Fd very nicely helped to jaga my bag.

met up with a bunch of pp from SgRunners. all very friendly. good to put a face to a nick. Cyberkinetic gave out tattoos, i didnt want to put 1 on, later siah-sway the group how? :p was persuaded to put it on anyways.

8:15am. it was already so hot, why is the race starting at 8:45am? why not 7:30am or so? logistics prob for transport into sentosa? high tide at the beaches? trail run not bright enough?

took more water, and a can of red bull (even with the adrenaline pumping i was worried about falling asleep on my feet)

saw a girl with full make-up, no kidding, foundation, brow, eye-liners, lipstick even blusher! thot she was just a supporter until i saw her bib. how did allllll that makeup stay on? waterproof stuff? why does she need makeup for a race?

saw another girl with huge loop ear-rings, well at least she did have full makeup, just lipstick, i think.

the run
i wanted to start way way at the back, becos i knew i would bit slow. but got packed in 10m from the front anyway, and made sure that i didnt run too fast first out and had to crawl to the finish line.

it was hot.

not being familiar with the course really floored me, becos i didnt know there were 2 stretches of beach run! when i got through the first one without falling, i thot the worst was over, until i saw the next one. the sand was a killer, my foot sank at least 2 inches into the sand and to extradicate it before the next step. Tried running a little with short steps so that my weight wouldnt go all the way to the foot and into the sand, and that felt better, but it was very tiring. and hot.

saw at least 2 camelbaks as i was dying with thirst, how i hoped that my camelbak is already here and i could have a sip as and when.

it was really hot.

had to take some walking breaks, at the beach (actually this was more like survival break) and at water points, and at least 1 min per 10min at the end.

was running a stretch with 2 very irritating kids from NYP (from their ts) cos 1 was obviously the way better runner who kept running ahead and BACK to pull his friend along, and his friends was so ready to give up but wasnt allowed to. it made me tired just looking at both of them.

the kids (volunteers and road marshalls) shouting "go go go" was all at once irritating ("you should try running") and motivating ("yup, i will") and kinda surreal, cos "hello, you, kid, you are what? 13 years old? dont shout at aunty here, ok?"

i finally saw the last sign that said 9.5km (completed, not to go!), conserved my energy and sprinted (my way) when i saw the clock.

the end
the clock read 1:26:xx and i think my personal timing would probably be 1:25:00 +/- some secs. gotta wait for the personalised cert with timing based on the race chip. not bad since the 1st time 1 ran just 9mths ago when baby was 2 months old, i took 28min to do a 1.86km run aroung my block and was actually feeling "hey~ not tooo bad!" now i know better.

yup, i've come a long way, if i could say so myself ;)

i did it.

post race
wow carine won 13th prize with 52min! the first in women's open came in at 41min!!!

after the run
the adrenaline got me home on dead feet, took off my shoes and sand came pouring out. i didnt even feel them (good job, 2 pairs of socks!)

a quick shower and a small lunch.

looked after cranky baby who had a blocked nose, runny mucus and a raspy cough. passed baton to GGM to help and finally had a nap at 230pm, none too early as a head-splitting crept up on me. probably a combi of lack of sleep and dehydration.

morning after
funny have a rectangular sun un-burnt patch where the sgrunners temp tattoo used to be.

bad didnt check my goodie bag until this morning. no t-shirt, i had wanted to give it to E, something that i earned. called CDANS, and the ladies in charged werent around. :(

--> 1130am: finally caught hold of Stella, who promised to contact me when she can make some arrangements, but no promises that i will get the size that i want. i think that means i WILL get a t-shirt? pretty please?


Friday, August 26, 2005

snuffy nose

oh bummer, must have caught a chill sleeping in aircon room last nite. snuffy and drippy nose, gritty eyes and a sore throat coming up. and the NBRR is 2 days away... gotta get well soon. gonna eat lots and drink lots of fluid (ginseng tea, vit c effervescent drink, water and everything).

will skip that jog tonight if all these drinking and eating doesnt make me feel better, and bundle myself up in a warm blanket to watch "Extreme Makeover" or some such crappy but irresistable reality show and read my Stephen King book (due tomorrow)

*sniff* *sniff*


Thursday, August 25, 2005

time, or the lack of.

have been sleeping less than 5 hours on average almost everynite over the last 3-4 weeks, i keep wanting to run more, but i'm so tired. and worst still, running in the evenings keep my adrenaline pumped till 2-3am.

wanted to squeeze in at least 1 more run before the NBRR, but havent not been able to, and the RR is 3 days away! 10 km. TEN KM! where did all the time go? i'm getting cold feet, and i pray that i can just finish it with dignity, no ifs, no buts. brrrrllll.

gameplan: i'll start way back, and go slow, and dig in and finish. when i do, i'll send a mms to E :)


Wednesday, August 24, 2005


gosh~*! i'm broke, i'm so so so broke.

2 camelbaks, 2 cleaning tabs, 1 big mouth valve, 1 raceready cap, 1 rr tights, 1 rr singlet and 1 shorts (on discount).

not to mention the Treo650 cradle/ sync+charge cable that i still havent order.

would have been more broke if not becos of E's USA trip, i really saved on the international shipping, but maybe i had bought more simply becos i thot might as well take the chance!

and then i also bot a new pair of NB shoes, a pair of Nike running socks.


and then the Japan trip next month.

oh goodness me.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Run 050821

Started 5:30pm. 8.0km 1:05:58hr at UP Canal. Marathon finishing at 5:11hr 5:42:50 at this rate. wow. almost too good to be true actually i think it IS too good to be true after factoring the wall. i had wanted to try for a 10km but thot not since this 8km would have been my longest in a while, and i had taken a 13 day break since 050808, not wise to rush too far too fast.

it was drizzling lightly almost throughout the run, was cool and refreshing for a change. in fact, my first (voluntary) run in the rain. the raindrops were fat and sparse, i can almost imagine them as snowflakes :lol: makes me think very hard about trying to run when in Japan next month, but gotta get some kind of map first :D

kept worrying about whether the place would be too deserted to run safely when returning on the 1st 4km, but i kept seeing pp every 100m or so, thot it ought to be ok and went for the second round of 4km. :)

What's different : i carried a bottle of 500ml of water. run 6 min walk (in stretching big steps) 1 min with a big gulp of water. the running with a water bottle wasnt as funny/ tough as i had thought. just remember to switch hand, and didnt affect my posture too much. but the bottle must be the tall slim type or gripping a fat bottle will be very uncomfortable. i actually finished 400ml after the 8km, i'm thinking maybe the catalyst with 8 ounce reservoir isnt going to be enough. maybe a bigger one? maybe BOTH? :D :D :D

What's bad, had some rubbing between inner step with socks to shoe (?) maybe need to apply something there so change tension or lacing method to prevent movement inside shoe (although I am not aware of it), and the raindrops splashing right into my eye, blinding me for a milisec, must bring cap next time. oh wait, i dont have a running cap, i will reward myself with 1 when i finish the NBRR :D

oh goodness, NBRR is next sun!


Saturday, August 20, 2005

NBRR bib W0 0445

Went to pick up the NBRR bib collection at 1pm at Toa Payoh Sports for Life center. Very cool, came with yellow bib, 4 mini safety pins (awwww..... so thoughtful), and a race chip + cable tie.

Was hoping to run into pp from SgRunners, and i only recognised Carine (who was there with her bf) when i was trying the NB W1060WC. Jumped up and said "Hi! Excuse Me? Are you Carine?" haha, hope i didnt startle her :D

Bought the NB W1060WC size 6 at $140, should be good for training runs and rotation with my current NB. also a NEAT 3B to prevent chaffing and sweat rash. Hasnt happened to me yet, but it might as I add on the miles.

no chance to run since it is Mom's birthday and dinner. tomorrow. really.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Office broken in

office was broken into on 050813 nite. i've lost my
- Sony PEG-Nx80 Serial # 7002114 pda with cradle + 512 MB MS + 512 MB CF + stylus-pen + book style leather case
- T68i without sim card
- 256MB thumbdrive
- Seidio retractable sync charge cable
- USB hub

other stuff lost
- 2 laptops
- a few bottles of hard liquor (including a blue label)
- a gold plated fu-lu-shou statue set
- petty cash box with $1101.xx
- a digital camera

apparently, the thieves came over the fence, broke open a window on the first level, and progressively went to break all the doors in their way, including a glass door and the dept door to my office, and broke into drawers and cabinets.

the police came and they said they have little to work on since there were no security camera, and finger prints (if any) were only useful if they compared to a known criminal's records.

couldnt eat and sleep properly after hearing the news, least of all, to go running. especially not after i bumped my head against the edge of the cupboard (looking for the old t68i box for the imei #) so hard that i saw stars and nearly fell over. and the bump on my head can still be felt now. need panadol.


Friday, August 12, 2005

missing the workouts

its been 4 days since my last run, and i'm missing it terribly.

i havent been (really) sick, but been exceptionally tired from living on ice over the last weekend, and taking care of the family on national day. slept like a log over the last 3 nites, almost succumbed to the flu tho i starved it off with a combi of vit-c, lots of water, and zzz. the emotional roller-coaster ride on 050810 didnt help.

wanted to run tonight, then the SPUG meet up was arranged.
wanted to meetup with the gang and put faces to nicks, then MIL's going to genting tonite and need me to be back early.

haiz. ok lor.

tomorrow. i wanna do a 8-9km, hopefully a 10km, no matter how slow.

yup. tomorrow.


Thursday, August 11, 2005


I dont know how is it possible. i wake up early, work, run, sleep late, repeat. and i actually feel like i have more energy then before.

is it becos:
- i'm getting fitter? (fat % at 1st thing in the morning down from all time high of 30% to 25.5% today)
- i'm sleeping better? (actually, not really better since too much going on in the head)
- the adrenaline rush? (if this is true, then this must be a hellava long rush since my last run was 3 days ago.)
- i'm eating better? (ermmm... not really tho i try, i really do!)
- the vitamins? (only vit-c on & off, royal jelly started this morning, brands + glucosamine on & off)

i dunno, suppose any of the combi. right direction anyways. cant ask for more, except maybe more hours in a day.

anyways, gotta do one tonite if i wanna meet up with the spug pp tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Run 050808

Started 7:25pm. 5.5km 43:36min at SK after work. thought of going for either a slow 7.4 or a fast 5.5km or a very fast 3.7km. in the end went for 5.5km and speed was just so-so, tho still an improvement over the Run 050803. Marathon finishing at 5:57hr at this rate. haiz.

kept thinking about the slower than expected timing since i was hoping to finish 5.5km at 39min+ based on Run 050806. possibly becos of tired after work and too many pedastrians at sidewalk, and carpark entrance/ exits along the route. But it was much cooler in the nite with nice breeze going. carbon monoxide couldnt have been good tho :(

- old sports bra. not so comfy as the new. The new with y-back helps with good posture also.
- asics socks, a little too thick and warm
- nike "passion for speed" dri-fit t good.
- spandex shorts. too warm.


Monday, August 08, 2005

Run 050806

Started 5:30pm. Did a long 7.4km at ulu pandan canal. wanted to do a min 6 km and max 8km, so i guess 7.4km wasnt bad at all. Took me 53:26min at a delibrately slow pace. Works out to 5:03hr pace for the marathon. Much improvement from 050803's run :)

need to longer ones, and other shorter ones at a faster pace.

- sportsbra ok
- pink bossini sleeveless not so drifit. embarrassing patches
- nike shorts, not very comfortable on long runs
- 100 plus at the end of it seems to help, no aches the next day, or was it becos of the thorough stretching i did?

hoping to do the SBR&AHM but dunno whether i can gear up to it by then and complete without injury..


Friday, August 05, 2005

Too much

had a good time at Raku with D, and kelly keep giving me free drinks ;) by the time i reached SSC, had a nice buzz going and very easily tipped over. let down guard and allllll the frustrations and bottled up feelings from the last couple of months crashed down on me and BAM! a huge scene. thank god for leng to the rescue.

do i feel better? no. not really.

will things look up? i keep hoping but keep getting disappointed and heartbrokened.



Thursday, August 04, 2005

Run 050803

A run around the blocks at my estate is about 1.86km based on estimates from car odometer and my Nike Tailwind SDM.

went for 3 rounds (about 5.5km) last nite. the longest in awhile. it was good, especially when adults and kids gave way to me just by having noticed me running towards/ behind them. i suppose the heavy "clank" of my foot striking the metal drain covers helped :D 1 guy even held his cigarette away but i held my breath anyway ;)

except for 2 incidents. an aunty carrying loads of plastic bags who was staring at the ground, this one boh-pian. but that couple who took up the whole pavement by holding hands and swinging them, and carrying huge bags on their other arms. grrrrrl.

started 730pm, 49min (not proud, but what mattered was the distance at this time, gonna do a 6-7 km this sat/sun), giving me a pace of 6.73km/hr . At this rate i'll finish the SCSM at 6:27hr. Can die, road closure ends 6hrs after start time... gotta train more and build up speed and stamina, make every session count since i'm so late and short on time.

suppose i have the excuse of wrong gear though. Wore the new sports-bra, dri-fit bossini shirt, raceready shorts and adidas run liners.
- Sports-bra was alright, need to season in a few wash-wear cycles
- bossini shirt, great!
- raceready shorts, cut a little too high for my liking but worked ok, especially nice to have all those pockets
- adidas run liners. disaster. started ok but then noticed that my right foot didnt land right, switched to run anti-clockwise after 1 round. worst, but feet landed funny, and knees and hips compensating awkwardly. bad. notice at end of second round that my feet were slip-shoding around in the shoes becos the socks were too thin, and then becos they were cut so low, the front of my ankle was rubbing against the shoe label (sewn at the bottom of the tongue). persisted for 3 rounds and gave up. front of right ankle was raw and alightly swollen by then. ouch. now what? wear the liner under normal socks next time or to write them off?

more gear to consider:
- shades
- cap
- mp3 player?


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

waiting part 2

i've given up. not the waiting, that's inevitable, but the agreement to wait.

best to not arrange to meet at such and such a time at such and such a place. then i dont have to endure the waiting, the worrying when it is late, the worries of being at a dark loney place, being tired, wondering whether to call, the delays after postponement after delays, and what will come and greet me at the end of it.

i'm tired, i'm disappointed, and i'm wary of trusting again. no more. not another time. i can't pick up the pieces another time. the stakes too high to play another round. no thanks. i quit.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

irresponsible skinny pills

TV was on while I was on the E machine last nite, and i couldnt help watch ads after ads of slimming centers and skinny pills that promise to burn fat, inhibit fat absorption, trim waist line, make 1 skinny and look great and LIVE HAPPILY EVERAFTER! All this at no pain (but not no cost hor... haha), no exercise, no starvation, in fact you can EAT ALL YOU WANT. irresponsible sods.

you wanna get skinny? dont eat. period.

you wanna get healthy? exercise. period.

you wanna eat and be skinny but dont want to exercise and take some responsibility for yourself, so pop a skinny pill? i look at you with disdain. pui~*

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E 050801

1045pm start. 30min, 3168 strides, 580 cal

longest session yet. on target. but need to start practicing real runs.

prob is time. only 24 hours a day, between work, traveling to-fro work and home, and family, there is no TIME. there is NO time. there IS no time. period. unless i sleep less, which is what i've been doing for the past month, averaging about 5hr a day. haiz.


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