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Friday, July 09, 2010

Internet Shopping

I've been purchasing stuff from all over the internet since way back when...

It started off with mostly electronic gadgets, the first being a roomba vacuum cleaner maybe 8 years ago and then subsequently various palm accessories.

Then I moved on to sports accessories, like running shorts, caps, and camelbak water pouches.

I mean these are stuff that I want and need and cant get from shopping in Singapore, so why not?

But I had resisted buying clothes off blogshops for the longest time possible, because I would really really like to try stuff on for fit before buying. The selection then were not much to look at too...

And then THREE kids happened, and I no longer have the luxury of shopping for clothes. I can grab something during lunch time, but that's not really shopping and I'm stuck with doing that in where ever I'm having lunch...

So I tiptoe into the blogshops and managed a few successful purchases from the local ones, though there were 1 or 2 pieces which didnt work out that well, but they were not total losses, and I am now blog-shopping with a vengence!

Clothes, bags etc etc

The latest shop that I'm going to try is Versuaz Store operating from a warehouse in China. The site seems legit and there are quite many followers on FB and some positive reviews on the web.

The clothes come in 1 size with details of length and material etc and some color choices, all modeled by professionally made-up cutesy girls who are too thin to be real people. But if you can get pass that, the clothes are amazingly cheap and I can see many carts hawking clothes from them.

The only catch is there is a minimum purchase of 5 pcs, but no minimum value; and shipping is not that cheap at US$22 for 5 pcs to Singapore but it gets cheaper with each subsequent 5 pieces.

I'm going to take the plunge if I can get a discount code, and will post a review of the goods (or a cheap sale if they dont fit me...) ;)


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Kids Talk

Latest observation from Kiddie J (who is 5 going to 6, and going P1 next year! oh how time flies)

"Mommy, what's a MayBank ?"

"It is a bank, just like OCBC."

"Oh, but cannot go there already"

"We can, but we dont have accounts with them."

"No, cannot go there ANYMORE!"

"We cant?"

"Noooo, it is already JUNE!"


the trouble with procastination

The trouble with procastination is that the longer you procastinate, the harder it will be to get back into whatever you were doing...

And so while I cant believe that it is almost 3 months since my last post, i mean I have consistently blogged at least a post every month since i first started...!

Yet i sort of understand how it got to this point...
mostly because i made 3 trips out,
---> 1 whirlwind trip to BKK for work with lots of prep work and then lots to follow up on
---> 1 holiday to Taipei, my first holiday since marriage that is without hubby and/or kids
---> 1 family holiday to ClubMed Bintan with the kids
and I broke my routine

And by the time I got back, I have lots of work to catch on, AND it seems i have too much stuff to blog about... and so i procastinated... and it is now almost 3 months later...

my bad.


I confess:

while most pp procastinate by putting off what they should do now till later...


my bad.


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