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Monday, July 30, 2007


So it has been 5 days since returning from Paris, and I am still majorly jetlagged.

Either falling asleep with the kids at 11pm and waking up with a start 30min later and not getting back to sleep till 4/5am, or not being able falling asleep at all till 4/5am.

Then being lethargic for the rest of the day when i wake up, even after sleeping 10 hours from 4/5am, and stealing naps throughout the entire weekend.

Blogs re Paris will have to wait, till my body catches up with my brain.

Getting old. Just cant adjust that quickly anymore.



False Advertising - Mascara

source : SAWF
London, July 25 (ANI): A L’Oreal advertisement starring Penelope Cruz has
been yanked off the air, for she’s wearing false eyelashes in it.

Cruz was promoting a “Telescopic” mascara that L’Oreal claims can make
lashes look up to 60 per cent longer.

However, it seems that her natural lashes still fell short of the
effect even after putting on the mascara, for bosses then decided to add false
lashes to her eyes.

This one decision has L’Oreal in trouble with the UK’s Advertising
Standards Authority, which maintained that by adding fake lashes to her real
ones, the company was exaggerating the make-up’s effect and thus misleading the

A spokesman for L'Oreal has defended the company’s stand saying that it
was “common industry practice” to use some “artificial lashes in order to ensure
a consistent lash line”.

It is common industry practice to make use of some artificial
in order to ensure a consistent lash line under filming or
shooting conditions - the ASA had previously accepted on more than one occasion
that this industry practice was not misleading," a statement quoted him as

L’Oreal has now been ordered to make clear in their adverts that “a
few” of Cruz’s lashes were not natural, and the mascara only made them appear to
be longer.

The company said that it intended to comply, reports The Sun.

“L’Oreal will fully comply,” the company said in a statement. (ANI)

I really really need to learn how to photoshop.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

i'm back!

(thank you for the well wishes, CB and DK...)

Pah-ree was interesting, but a very tiring trip.

Mentally :- speaking french, the cultural difference, the worrying about pickpockets, the "queueing" system, the planning of the itinery (while E just asked now go where?)

Physically :- A lot of walking, we estimate 14km on the first, 12km, 10km and 6km over the 4 days. Not to mention the STAIRS!

it was mostly fun over the 4 days

an learning experience.

Though i suspect we'll not return.

Loooong posts coming up. :)


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Paris 19 ~ 25 Jul 07

Okay, am off tonight to Paris 11pm flight, arriving 7am 20-jul

leaving 12noon flight on 24-jul, touch down changi 25-jul

giving me about 4 full days and nights in Paris.

am excited. very much so.

very different from the jaded work-related travel, repeat visits to the same country, or short getaways to the region.

wish me luck and safe journey.

and wait for my report and whatever photos i might upload (though you really dont read this blog for my pictures, do you? if you do... ahh... ermmm.... LOL)


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Photoshop award

The reason why you shouldnt feel bad when comparing yourself with the impossibly beautiful-fair-head full of hair-wrinkleless-white teeth-slim-youthful looking celebrity in magazines: Air-brushed till death (or till life?)

What they did to Faith Hill to make her look perfect:
- Hair,
- Crows Feet,
- Cheeks,
- Ear,
- Neck,
- Lips,
- Clavicle,
- Back Fat,
- Hand, Ass,
- Arm,
- skin color
which is like... EVERYTHING.

If I had those photoshop skills, I'll look as good too. Well, almost. Maybe.

that said, do use your sunscreen


Monday, July 16, 2007


a simple "Hi" subject in the email header which i almost deleted by route as spam

but the name, totally foreign but not unfamiliar

it must be the year of being re-acquinted with old ... friends

i'll never forget Ann Ryand, apricot brandy, fetta cheese and Sofia

i wish you happiness, my friend.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Accident @ Kian Teck Junction

Had a meeting in town today and returned to the office at 1205pm.

We left for lunch at 1230pm.

I could see immediately upon turning out from my office that there was an ambulance at the first junction. My first thought was "Heart Attack? Pedestrain/ Cyclist/ Motorbike knocked down?"

It is a very dangerous 4-way junction, the side roads with one wide lane each direction and the main road with 2 normal lanes each direction. BUT trailers, containers, buses, cars park on all sides of the road as there are no yellow lines, and that can really hamper visibility for everybody.

I've had scares (thankfully no near misses) while weaving near the center line to avoid on coming traffic, parked vehicles and cyclists. Sometimes to the point of playing "Chicken!" with on-coming traffic where there is not enough room for both vehicles to travel.

As I drove closer, a huge group of people was gathered and watching the on-goings

Right in the middle of the junction, a mid-size lorry smashed in the front and overturned on its side, and a bright blue car SFX or Z 816? smashed in its left front. That side of the 4-way junction totally blocked and cars had to go around the other roads. Police were already there.

All within a span of 25min.

Must have been high-speed and dont give way.

The car's driver ought to be alright since most damage was on the left front of the vehicle, unless he had a front passenger. The lorry's driver might have sustained more serious injuries since the lorry landed on his passenger side, and i pray he was wearing a seat belt properly...


Paris 20 ~ 24 Jul 07

Tickets issued.

Hotel booked and confirmed.

practicing French word and phrases

planning musuem - monuments - dining itiniery

cant wait.


Tomorrow in Thai

Arrived on the first night to a letter slipped under the hotel room door which read:
Dear Guest:

In our constant efforts to improve guest services we are currently
upgrading our in-house entertainment to 34 TV channels for your better viewing

Due to some unexpected technical challenges we regret to inform you that
only a few Thai channels will be available from now until tomorrow

We regret any inconveniences this may cause and sincerely apologise for


Hotel Management
Note that:
1. There is no date on the letter
2. It mentions only a few Thai Channels until TOMORROW AFTERNOON
- i am still undecided if they imply things will change after tomorrow afternoon with more channels available, or it is meant to be vague and therefore hopeful?
3. The letter is signed off by the Hotel Management, NO NAME, NO POSITION
- Nobody will be taking responsibility for the accuracy of the letter or have a loss of face due to it.
So what actually happened in the 5 days we were there:
- The TV set in my room had a few Thai Channels, including 1 with movies dubbed in Thai, and also 2 English channels in my room, 1 was ESPN and the other happily a cabled Movie channel!
- One colleague had the Thai Channels and only the ESPN
- Another colleague had only snowy Thai Channels
We found out belatedly that the letter was made into a huge laminated signboard of A0 size and displayed in a corner of the hotel lobby

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Bangkok 2~6 Jul 07

The most depressing work trip so far.

Day 1
Second flight out on Monday morn (only becos we couldnt get confirmed seats on the first flight)
Airplane meal
straight to office
tarpao lunch
tarpao dinner
1030pm, checkin to hotel

Day 2
Breakfast in hotel
tarpao lunch
tarpao dinner
10pm left office

Day 3
Breakfast in hotel
tarpao lunch
Dinner at seafood place near office - finally something decent and ONLY becos BOSS is finally in town:
- fried squid coated in salted egg yolk;
- pre-peeled crabs with just enough shell for holding onto the piece, including the legs
- oyster egg
- very spicy tom yam soup (both the clear version and more traditional version with coconut milk)
- Otah in square banana-leaf containers
- very crispy deep fried local fish
- very fresh coconut juice
back to office for work (ah... the price we pay for not tarpao'ing dinner)
1130pm back to hotel

Day 4
Breakfast in hotel complete with meeting with BOSS
Meeting with Sales Dept
Lunch at MK Gold (the more upscale version of MK the steamboat place) Esplanade (the newest shopping center near office)
More Meeting
Dinner at Ping Sharksfin Restaurant, my first!
- Sharksfin in claypot (so-so, perhaps because we ordered the smallest and cheapest at THB500 per pax)
- VERY GOOD fried fish maw with prawn, HEAVENLY
- GOOD goose web with kway teow
- VERY GOOD Abalone rice (half a piece of braised abalone on rice)
- FANTASTIC coconut jelly (made with coconut juice) in coconut fruit
- GOOD sesame dumpling in ginger tea
I suppose this dinner is worth allllll the disappointment of the tarpao food we had over the last 3 days. The meal for 6 pp came up to THB10,000 before VIP 10% discount. VERY expensive in BKK standards
Heavy drinking session at KTV... 'nuff said.

Day 5
Breakfast at hotel
BOSS down with food poisoning, left to hold the fort in meeting
tarpao lunch
check out
rush to airport
used the diplomatic lane for immigration with my TLM silver card and saved at least 20min
rushed for a 45min shoulder massage which was half pien-jiat by the therapist. But no fish prawn also good.
Made it just in time for the flight
Airplane meal
Reached home 11pm.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Bangkok 2-7-07 ~ ???

Possibly one of my longest posting in recent years if things dot move much faster from here...

Tasked to get all the reports out, and to physically do it FOR THEM if they cant, and THEN to stay and ensure all the banking, legal, and whatnots are executed before I can go back is just DUH.

It is going to take easily a week (and my poor accountant who is with me shall have to spend her birthday having tom-yam soup instead of cake with her family), and likely to stretch till 2 weeks where i'll have to put my foot down and go home regardless, i mean such is the pace of life here...

Let me not waste my time longer than necessary... I promise I will come back in another 2-3 weeks to make sure that things are done by then, ok?


p/s. just received an email that VVIP from principal will be in Singapore for meeting on 11-July, meaning the latest i will return must surely be 10-July night? i mean, they cant have their meeing without me, can they?

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Jade @ Fullerton 28-6-07

So we ended up in Jade instead of My Humble House because Leng didnt approve of the latter.

Making a reservation at both was easy. Even though I didnt get through to Jade at first try and left a voicemail for them to call me back, I called shortly after (in case i forgot) to make my reservations. And about 15min later, Jade called me back. cool

We were a little late from the traffic jams and were concerned that they may give our table away. Turned out that they were only about 1/3 full...

We were given 2 menus, a cheap set menu and an expensive ala carte menu (with prices stated for 1 SINGLE PORTION)... and nothing from the flower menu that was shown in the website. I was ready to be dissappointed but E said just check if the menu is available or not lor... and yes, they were and i went with the $118 set and E the $108 set. He had a beer and me a champagne.

The 6-course meal were served promptly, and E and I shared every dish. Not very nice looking, but heck... we didnt really care...

The food was perhaps overhyped by past reviews as i wasnt vowed by any of them

Some were pretty good
- "suckling pig skin + peking duck skin + foie gras" (the dish which prompted me to order that particular set),
- rack of lamb (single piece)
- lobster
- sharkfins soup

The others were just ordinary and most were overwhelming on the palate, with heavy-handed floavoring and thick sauces dressed to kill. It was unnecessary as the ingredient were fresh and subtlety would have suffice. We didnt even manage to finish the noodle and deserts, as famish as we were when we first crossed into the restaurant.

At the end and after paying just $122+ of the $330 bill by using my TL$ points, there just wasnt enough to tempt me back in a hurry.

We took a walk hand-in-hand by the rivervale side across the road and found out finally where BabyFace is, that there were other possibilities for future dining options, even just for coffee at starbucks.

And went home, satisfied, more from having made the 10th anniversary milestone and each other's company, than from the food.


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