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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Roller-Coasters, Mt Fuji and Okunomiyaki

Was in Japan on 8~12 Sept, courtesy of E's mileage points + amex rewards points :D

7 Sept
Didnt sleep a wink on the red-eye SG-Tokyo. watched 4 movies. *yawn*

8 Sept
hit Hakone immediately upon arrival, and checked into a 7-storey traditional-style hotel with a public bath, private bath for couple or family, breakfast (7 course) and dinner (12 course) included. was too tired, rested.

9 Sept
took a train to Fujikyu Highlands, tried all the attractions and spent the WHOLE day there.

world's faster roller coaster
at 176km/h. you absolutely feel the g-force as they shoot you out of the tunnel. they didnt allow E to wear his glasses, and i had to take off my wollen skullcap. it went by so fast, up and down the tip, that by the time you scream, the ride is over. bad part was we waited 1hr 40min for this ride, which was over in 60sec.

Funny bit was everybody clapped their hands BEFORE and AFTER the ride. maybe the BEFORE was to build up courage (but please lah, already strapped in and moving off liao, no courage also cannot get off laaaaah), and the AFTER was for nobody died. :p

world's highest roller coaster
at 79m. it was the scariest ride, because there were 4 peaks, and darn long with unexpected twists and turns, at some points, we were practically horizontal from the side. i kept thinking "are we done yet?" "what ya mean there's MOOOOORrrreeee, ahhhhhh~"

red tower
kinda like a bungi with seats. you go up sitting facing out, waiting there with you legs hanging out (cos only the bums are supported), and then suddenly FREEEEE-FALLLLLL! it was so fast that i was lifted off my seat and was held on only by my safety harnest.

the pizza
this was the most exhireating ride. basically a pendulum with a wheel at the end, with pp seat facing out, the wheel turns round and round while the arm swings like a pendulum. one sec you are up and then you turn and swish, you are at the side and going up and back up.

haunted hospital (pics not allowed)
The longest walk of a haunted house. Scary. the show begins right outside the main gate of the hospital, a crazy looking unkempt hospital attendent sweeps the floor in his white uniform with red splash stains. then you are directed to the main hospital hall, the smell of antiseptic and dust hits you before you adjust to the low light. you sit down for an explanation of the rules (in jap), warning of visitors who have weak hearts to NOT continue. a screening of the history of the hospital in the waiting room. bangings from under the floor. screams.

you queue up for the walk behind curtains. it swings violently and you let out an involuntary scream when you see a nurse in gothic uniform shoves a small torchlight into your hand and urges you on. you pass by the operating theater (beep beep BEEEEEP!), wards, go upstairs, nursery (with babies in bottles), counters, dentist (lots of blood splatter, restraints on the chair), downstairs, kitchen (body parts in pots), store (body bags and parts hanging), upstairs, prayer room (a corpse that is disturbed). scary. cos you dont know what is waiting for you at the next corner.

E and I walked arm in arm (not hand in hand hor), sharing the weak light from the torch (which had to be returned half way). hospital attendants and ghosts and crazy patients jumping out when you least expect it.

2 that scared us the most:
1) we walked past what looked a very real looking dummy just inside a door, expecting it to move but it didnt, loud sounds on our left, and then the dummy JUMPS. ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH
2) we thot the walk will never end when we came to the last corridor and daylight streaming in at the end. a crazy patient comes after us, we walked faster, and then ANOTHER patient jumps, scream and run... ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH. (and then when we told our Jap friends about this part, they said that it is indeed true and famous that pp have met real ghosts there, especially in autumn. thank goodness they didnt tell us BEFORE)

crazy mouse
this is like a kiddy roller coaster ride. not too tall or long, but it jerks violently and has the least safety harness, so we got thrown every which way and got bruised hips. perhaps the fatter pp will have less prob, but then, got fat pp in Japan one meh?

flying swing
i suppose the most romantic ride for me. free, relaxing and easy, not scary even tho it was very high. some pp have to leave their shoes and slipper on the ground :D funny.

ferris wheel
longest and most boring ride. only excitement was that we got BEEPed at when i stood up to take pic of the roller coasters. ;p

went back to hotel for a satisfying bathe and dinner. but before that, a side story, E thot he lost his wallet, but then he didnt. heng*

10 Sept

went to mt. fuji 5th step. glorious day, no clouds and the peak could be seen clearly. beautiful.

back to tokyo

had okunomiyaki and maja (sorta wet version of okunomiyaki) for tea time (weird huh?) at "okunomiyaki street" and the restuarant we had it was supposed to be #6 in ranking. HA. yum. only prob is we didnt have beer with it, in consideration of the poor designated driver friend. :(

went to tokyo bay area to look around at the newest shopping center there. cant remember the name, something to do with the seas/ boats/ shore/ coasts *&^#$#)!

E & I decided to have dinner from takeaway from Jap version of 7-11. ha. i couldnt read allll the words, and we ended up with rice with salmon, rice with plum, salad, ice cream which we wanted, and what we thot to be fried chicken pieces (E wanted the smaller pieces, say will be more crispy instead of the bigger pieces pack i chose which i knew to be chicken kurage), ended up the smaller pieces were chicken CARTILEDGE kurage. HAHAHA


Monday, September 26, 2005


Had to eat light on sat, and fast after lunch on sun (no fruits, veg or cereal). Not forgetting the 2 doses yucky-eeking-puky saline to induce clearing and thereafter only clear liquids, i.e. transparent liquid like 100plus, water and honey water.

Eating light was alright as long as i ate many portions. Then i cheated on Sun lunch, got E to get me chicken rice + liver and he thoughtfully added an egg too. :)

DA-DA-TUMmmmm. NO MORE FOOD! dose #1. ewwww~ ohhhhh~ grosss OUT! 2 hrs later, dose #2, almost vomitted. it was like drinking pure thick overdue brine. nothing could get rid of that taste on my tongue and back of my throat. not cold water, not 100 plus. had to lie still.

No more food. i was still alright till 3-4pm i suppose, cos good lunch mah. but then i started clearing out. wobbly legs. too many times. then i got HUNGRY.

cant read, cant lie still. watch TV. but it was like 90% of it was related to TV, if you add the commercials.

i took another glass of cold water. and i stopped in front of the opened fridge. stuff that i normally wont touch with a ten-foot pole look darn appealing to me thten:
- hey! week-old grapes, they look nice!
- half a moon cake. WOW
- limp veg left over after cooking porridge for baby J, hmmmm
not to mention stuff that i like:
- chocolates
- ice-cream
- fruits
- crispy meat floss

went back to the TV and sulk. got progressively light-headed and hungry through the day. thot of giving up, i'll do the procedure another day. but that means i will have to take the yicky-yuck brine again, NO WAY!

started dreaming about what i will take after the procedure (i know it says "light", but.... HA! they cant STOP me!")
- thick slab of steak
- ah kun + milo
- a whole pineapple
... ... ...

in the end, i was given a tuna sandwhich by the nurses, and that got me bearly out of the ward. fell asleep waiting for the doc, barely kept awake to finish my ah-kun kaya toast + 2 eggs + milo (add 30cents), and fell asleep on the train home. managed to buy some mushrooms and veg, intended to cook for dinner.

Fell asleep till 7pm. the sedative given for my GA was too strong. come to think of it, they didnt weigh me for my dosage... zzzzzzzz

at the end of the day, i can go on a pinch with no food for 22 hours (it felt like 2 DAYS tho), but i really really missed eating. :p



Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Rush rush rush

Gotta catch a flight at 1140pm. am still in the office with 10,001 things to do, and all due yesterday. and whatever that cant wait, will still wait for me to complete on coming monday (when i return at 2am), instead of somebody, anybody else getting them out.


and the stupid med is making me groggy and irritated and i cant work as efficiently or calmly. not to mention that splitting headache, blocked nose, and blocked ears (yup, strange, but the sinus is connected to the ear canal, so there!)

rush rush rush.

think think think, anything else i forgot to pack?


Monday, September 05, 2005

sick (again...)

came down with a fit of coughing and thick greyish yellow phelgm, scratchy throat and blocked nose. again.

looks like the 1st course of 5 days antibiotics didnt kill off whatever i had, and it is now back with a vengence. went to the doc and got a new course of antibiotics for 7 days and 2 days mc wihtout asking HA. but... does that matter? i'm still in the office now... big big boss coming 2 weeks from now, and so little is ready.

the toughest thing for me to swallow is that i havent ran since NBRR, despite my best intentions and promises to myself that i will, i shall and i would. in the end, nothing. i nkow it is for the better cos i AM sick and i can feel my body going to pieces. but at this rate, i'll be lucky to FINISH the SCSM in 1 piece within 7 hours. only 89 days to go...

argh. i hope the ear block will clear up before i take the plant to Tokyo this weds nite, or it is going to kill me on take-off and if i'm still alive, at landing.

grouchy... the ugly pix for NBRR from sportspix aint helping, i looked worst than a fat aunty gasping for breath. i look like a beached whale taking its last breath. yuck* pui pui pui.


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