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Tuesday, January 17, 2012



不知是阿姨嘴巴甜, 还是我真的护颜有方.

在心力交瘁的困境里, 我既然心情好了一大半.



Monday, January 16, 2012

Calm the F down

Was driving to work and the electronic board said to avoid lanes 2 and 3 on the KJE to PIE and it looked like this:

That meant that the accident was in the middle 2 lanes of a 4-lane carriageway.

When I passed it on the right, it was an accident with a 3 tonner truck on the 2nd land, a van on the 3rd and a motorbike on the side in front of the van. The motorcyclist was sprawled on the road, in an unnatural position like those you see in movies or some tv shows.

My first thoughts were "OH NO!", "What is his family going to do, so close to Chinese New Year?"

Then I started remembering that no matter whether the truck is at fault, he will be cited for an offense for the fact that he was on the 2nd lane.

Then I started thinking that people should really calm the F down when driving.

And I should probably really seriously slow down.

But the problem is I am stone cold calm when I drive, and slowing down will probably bring me to zzz.


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