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Monday, October 17, 2011


With mortality on my mind, the immediate thoughts are:

Then the conflicting thoughts see-sawing between

Life is short. I'm going to have Laksa with extra hum for lunch
I need to be alive and be healthy longer, for my kids and E.

I need to exercise more and stay healthy
I need to spend more time with my family and close friends

Choices. choices.

Confession: I did have laksa for lunch.

  1. I will work my ass off so that I will not need to OT and get home earlier.
  2. Then it will be 20min on the elliptical machine tonight.



Some crazy news over the last few weeks.
Of course, not forgetting my MIL's close call and op in June.

This just brings to mind how fragile life is and time is fleeting. I am reassessing my priorities and trying to do better everyday. I want to embrace my family and friends, and not have any regrets.

Today the black moods will not be easy to lift, but I will try to finish work early and be with the kids soon.


Monday, October 03, 2011


Was at CUT @ MBS by Wolfgang Puck on Friday for a business dinner.

The service was uneven, good hostess, flamboyant local (singlish is fun!) captain/ manager, cool efficient wait staff (who were momentary flabbergasted because I moved 1 seat away at my table and they didnt know whom to serve the cocktail to), ok assistant sommelier who looked a lot like Jonathan Leong aka Singapore Idol runner-up (Are you the Sommelier? I am the ASSISTANT sommerlier.)

There was an incident when my boss sent the soup back as it was not hot enough, it came back very quick and hot. My boss joked that it must have been easy to microwave it, and the wait staff was absolutely offended. "SIR, we do not use microwave in our kitchen!"


Any way, it was the food we went for, and I started off with a chilli tequila-based cocktail "Devil in Disguise"

Complimentary bread with butter. Oh-they-were-to-die-for even for a non-carb lover like me.


2 bottle of wines

The other guests had other stuff like oxtail broth, Lobster, Dover sole, various cuts of steak etc.

Total bill $1700.00 for a party of 7

I would do it again for:

but but but must save $$$ first.


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