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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sony Ericsson P1i

i'm officially lusting after a Sony Ericsson P1i

- 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera with flash
- wifi
- 3G

too bad about the symbian though

Palm, what ARE you guys doing?


Monday, August 27, 2007

AHM 2007

nooo... i didnt run in this year's Bay Run/ Army Half Marathon.

E did.

and he completed in about 2:26

so proud of him.

more importantly, he came back safe and almost injury-free.

* Condolences to the family of Captain Ho Si Qiu, only 25...


Monday, August 20, 2007

local travelling

just a short post about my car and driving inspired by CB's new car (congrats btw!)

about 10 months into car ownership and my marchie has a couple of dins and dents from inconsiderate door opening of neighboring cars...

i am displaying my first car deco- a black cat

more car parks conquerred -

* Sheraton Towers (some tight tight tight corners)

* Causeway Point (stupid entry/ exit point from main road)

* Vivocity

* White Sands

first Valet Parking experience



Monday, August 13, 2007

More travelling - Aug 07

It feels like I have barely recovered from Jul 07 and I am now going away for more days.

Bangkok 14-16 Aug 07

Ho Chi Minh - 21-24 Aug 07


Saturday, August 11, 2007

National Day 2007

Not going to post a long blog about NDP 07 @ Marina Bay

The kids were insanely excited, Kiddie E was extremely well behaved while Baby J was toally shacked out by the time the 21 gun salute came around.

The main impressions:

- Goodie Bags
They thought of EVERYTHING. NDP booklet, coupons, 2 bottles of newater, 1 pack of H-TWO-O, 1 pack of green tea, 2 tubes of halls sweets, 1 huge pack of chips, 1 or 2 pack of peanuts, tissue paper, wet towelette, foam animal hat (which did nothing to sheild us from the sun), battery operated fan, light-clapper, mini-flag with detachable stand, music CD complilation, tattoos (Singapore flag, Made in Singapore, NDP @ Marina Bay, Newater mascot), garbage bag, and even a disposable poncho. Not to mention the chocolate buns they were giving away as we made our way to the seats.

Thirst, Hunger, Boredom, Heat, Snack, and more totally taken care of.

We truly are a nanny state, and i cant say i mind.

- Ads
There used to be a time when the sponsor logos printed on the tickets/ bags/ goodies were enough. This year they have ads on the huge plasma TVs too...

Even the businesses are taken care off.

- Location
Marina Bay is a beautiful place to hold an NDP, the water allows the capabilities of our arsenal of war machines to be displayed. A show of might and determination to defend the little red dot, and I am proud.

- The Show
A City of Possibilities. Limitless possibilites, all the way to the skies.

It had a beautifully haunting dreamscape quality to the whole thing, most segments flowed into the next seamlessly, with incredible pyrotechnics and fireworks interspersed in appropriate pauses for the oohs and ahhs.

Kudos to the Creative Director, Mr. Goh Boon Teck, Chief Artistic Director of Toy Factory Productions Ltd, Singapore.

- The Music
The music played a huge part in tugging at heartstrings, especially the operatic vocals of "Will You" and I am not ashamed that I had tears in my eyes.

Though in the end, my favourites will always be the rousing oldies.

- My thoughts
There are many who cannot separate political vs country, and even more who cannot differentiate between petty daily living and a long term vision. Pity.

For me, I am a Singaporean, where my roots, home, family and friends are.

There's no where else I'd rather be.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

NB RR 07

New Balance Real Run 2007

Date : 28 October 2007, Sunday
Venue : Changi Exhibition Centre@ Changi Coast Road
Flag-off : 7:30am (15km), 7:45am (10km)
Registration : 22 Jul ~ 30 Sept 2007
Fees : S$31 for all categories.
Distance : ROAD 12KM or 7KM / SAND 1KM / TRAIL 1KM / RUNWAY 1KM

Did you see that last word? RUNWAY (1KM is the distance, not a word...)

RUNWAY as in aeroplane runway.


are they ever going to do this again?

I so want to do it... but is #3 plan on or not?

am pushing E to register for this as part of his training for the full at end of the year. so happy that he has listened and registered early for the full at the shears bridge and full at SCSM

Registration info here


Paris 20 ~ 24 Jul 07 - Itinerary

Ok, been struggling to come out with a linear blog about my trip to Paris, but realised that the whole thing is way too complicated to blog that way.

I mean, the many places we visited, the sights, the people, the sounds, the fear (of having to speak french, meeting THE rude parisian, and being pick-pocketed), the smells (mostly of urine), the ART, the old buildingssss.

and i'm not one who posts picture-blogs. First of all, we didnt take thaaat many, and even less with none of us in them, and mostly because, I suck at photoshop. hehe.

SO, what i'm going to do, is blog in instalments. The first:

THE ITINERARY (if you are interested with the linear travels, sights/ places in orange)

Day 0 – 19th July 2007, Saturday
Dinner and said good-byes to kiddies
Departed from Changi 11pm

Day 1 – 20th July 2007, Friday. Windy and Sunny
Arrived CDG 640am (!)
Met E almost 9am coming from Nantes via domestic at CDG
Information Counter not equals Tourist Information Counter
RER B line was down due to “accident” (and I thought it was another infamous strike in Paris…)
Caught a cab at T1 which cost E47.30 for less than 30min ride to Hotel des Tricollege
Checked in no fuss
Notre Dame
Went to Ile Saint Louis Berthillon for lunch and apricot ice cream
Pont Saint-Louis
Center Pompidou
Ed’s mini-supermarket
Notre Dame Tower

Nutella Banana Crepe along river Seine
The Lourve : Mona Lisa!
Seine River Cruise

Day 2 - 21st July 2007, Saturday. Windy and Sunny
St Supice (one tower under renovation)
Orsay Musuem
Lunch in Orsay Musuem Café
Tulille Garden
Orangee Museum
Bought Metro Carnet tickets. E11.10 for 10 instead of E1.50 each
Arch De Triumph
Eiffel Tower 2 hour wait to get buy tickets! Queue Cutting!
Line closed for the night
Salad dinner from Quality Burger

Day 3 – 22nd July 2007, Sunday. Windy and Sunny
Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Basilique du Sacré-Cœur)
Artist square of Montmartre
Dali Museum
Brunch near Jewish Quarter
?? Hotel, nice garden but to use the toilet mostly
Jewish Quarter
Moulin Rouge
Forum des Halles
L'église Saint-Eustache
My first and as it turned out, ONLY Kir Royale
Dinner from Quality Burger again, but we were too tired to eat and had the food for breakfast the next day

Day 4 – 23rd July 2007, Monday. Cloudy and Light Showers
Chinatown for lunch
Champ Elysees
LV main store
Galary Lafayette
Dinner Le Cosi- Foie Gras!

Day 5 – 24th July 2007, Tuesday, Cloudy and Light Showers
Shuttle pickup right on time
游车河 as we traipse across town to pick up another 2 fares
VAT refund is for cash refund only
Customs office is the right place for the chop
Mail box slot (95)
Flight back at 12 noon

Day 6 – 25th July 2007, Wednesday, Cloudy
Arrived Singapore 7am having stayed awake the whole return flight for movies
Knocked out till 3:00pm. boy are we going to be so jetlagged tonight.
Went for Harry Potter 5 at 4:40pm.
End of holidays.


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