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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Midnite snack

I get hungry at midnite.
I dont know why.

It doesnt matter if i had ate well or poorly for dinner,
or what time i had my dinner.

I'll be hungry at 1130pm.
or 1230am if i had worked out.

I cant sleep till i've filled my stomach,
if I did try, I'd have tossed and turned and still wake up to snack.

2 pcs of bah quah, 1 pce of lao po bing, 2 sauage, 6 pcs of cookies, whatever.
I know I gotta look for more healthy alternatives,
low fat milk? bread? fruits? something else?
but knowing me, I'll probably look pass them when the next hunger pang strikes.
or worst, I'll still feel unsated and eat more of what i always eat anyways...


and that was me, not my stomach, for once.


maybe you should sleep early. :P
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