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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Afford to

had my heart set on doing my first work-out of the year (2006, not just year of the dog, :o ) on my eliptical machine.

it was the best time to do so cos the kiddies will be spending the nite at MIL's and i'll finally have some free time to myself, and not just time snatched between their fallen asleep and my own utter exhaustion.

and most importantly, i had a sudden enlightenment while traveling on the train ride towards home.

What if, i had to run, not because i like it, but because my life depended on it?
not just for the solidarity, clarity of mind, or even for my sanity,
but say, becos of diabetes, muscle atrophy etc?
could i not afford the time?
could i afford NOT to have the time?

and then something stupid happened on the way home when an argument on childcare and housework ensued between E and I. and i was upset enough to have to duck to the bathroom to have a long hot shower, before my workout.


damn, i wish i was born a man and i can take off in the night for a run without a care to (sexual) bodily harm or harrassment.

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