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Friday, December 28, 2007

Korea 13 ~ 20 Dec 2007 itinery (1st draft)

13 Dec 07 Singapore - Incheon - Ski Resort
Arrival in Seoul
Lunch at Everland
Muju Ski Resort
Rent Ski clothings and googles
Steamboat Dinner
Snow flakes!

14 Dec 07 - Ski Resort
Gondola Ride
Ski lessons
Managed to walk uphill and ski down
It is harder than it looks, and I can't get up after falling down
It is more tiring than it looks, what are all these parts that are hurting?
Snow fight
Another Steamboat Dinner

15 Dec 07 - Daegu
SNOW! not just snow flakes, white billowy snow falling from the sky!
Sangsoo's Herbland
eccentric president... funny ha-ha and funny hmmm
Flower lunch
Jungangro Street shopping center.
Daegu Spa Valley
Outdoor spa area, body scrub, doctor fish

16 Dec 07 - Daegu -Jeju Island
Donghwa Temple
Jeju Folk Village where Da Chang Jin was filmed
Mysterous Road
Things and Car (in neutral gear) rolling UPWARDS? illusions my friend.
Ginseng Chicken dinner.
Do you know how to eat it correctly?

17 Dec 07 - Jeju Island - Seoul
Sungsan Ilchulbong peak
BBQ pork lunch
Tangerine Farm
Pick and eat all you want!
ATV ride
i can't really hold the handle and reach the acceleration at the same time, the helmet was too big, the gloves had holes in them, but what a ride! woo-hoo!
BBQ Pork dinner, same but different

18 Dec 07 - Seoul
Ginseng show room
Amethyst Factory
Kimchi Making
Changduk Palace
Nami Island where Winter Sonata was filmed.
Beautiful and arty honeymoon island
Coex mall
Lotteworld Adventure
all the rides shut down for "that" laser show? sheesh

19 Dec 07 Seoul - Incheon - Singapore
Duty free shopping. Korea GST 10% hor!
US$5 per picture
4000 won per day per person for guide
S$2 per day per person for tour leader

20 Dec 07
Arrived home to taxi fare increase... bleah...


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Was a little upset with E since returning from Korea and over the long weekend (i had Christmas Eve off) for having to do so much in unpacking, cleaning up, washing, drying, folding, sorting, wrap presents, write cards all myself.

While he begged tiredness and was glued to the TV most times, unless I asked him to perform some chores, which I had used more and more exasperated tones since he just couldn't read my mind see that there a million things to be done.

Some of which I ended doing myself since he had to catch that last few moments minutes half hour of TV action before actually doing them.

But in that 10 minutes it took him to hunt down and beat to death with a rolled up newspaper that speedy big fat ugly darkly-colored lizard that had sent me fleeing with a suppressed scream (so that I dont frighten the kids into being afraid of lizards too) several times this month, I fell in love with the man again.

i'm such a wuzz.

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Korea 13 ~ 20 Dec 2007

It was THE MOST TIRING trip I have ever taking in my life.

Hubby, me, 2 girls + parents.


Just bringing the girls to toilet required the patience of a saint:

1. Squeeze all 3 of us into a tiny toilet stall. (i kid you not, there is NO CLEARANCE SPACE between the toilet bowl and the door, you have to side-step somewhere else when inside the toilet stall before attempting to close the door, or risk the door sweeping someone into the toilet bowl.)

2. Remove my gloves.

2. Wipe clean toilet bowl.

3. Remove mittens, stuff them into parka shell pockets, unzip parka shell, unzip fleece jacket, hold up long-sleeve sweater, hold up long john top, unzip and pull down pants, pull down long john bottom, pull down undie

4. Hoist kid up toilet bowl and wait for her to complete business (what? you thought i was talking about myself? LOL)

5. Clean kid's bottom

6. Hoist kid off toilet bowl

7. Pull up undie, pull up long john bottom, pull down long long top, stuff long john top into long john bottom, pull down long-sleeve sweater, pull up pants and zip, zip fleece jacket, zip parka shell.

8. Repeat 3-7 for Kid number 2

9. Repeat 4,5 & 7 for myself since i'm tall enough for the toilet bowl. TQ very much.

9. flush toilet

10. Hoist Kid #1 to washing basin to wash hands with soap in freezing cold water

11. Repeat 10 for Kid # 2

12. Wash my own hands with soap.

13. Dry all hands with paper towel or hand dryer

14. Wear mittens for Kid # 1

15. Repeat 14 for Kid # 2

16. Wear my own gloves.

And that only for sitting toilet bowls in the more modern facilities... Imaging the acrobatic requirements for a squatting toilet required to maneouvre a kid over... and i did, several times, and once for the biggie.

There are AT LEAST 5 rest stops per day.

over officially 6 days of full itinery.

I'm seriously tired.

Trip report later.

if i sufficiently recover.

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Monday, December 10, 2007


Was putting kiddies to bed while E is relaxing and watching EPL in the hall

Kiddie E asked "Why is Papa not sleeping yet?"

"I don't know, you go and ask him"

... ...

"Papa say we sleep with Mama first."


"But he never answer my question!"



Christmas Shopping

Bought Christmas gifts for 15+ children around the world via World Vision International's Christmas Catalogue

1 pair new school shoes each for 3 children in Indonesia - $39
1 warm pullover each for 6 children in Myanmar - $43
1 pair of sandals each for 3 children in Philippines - $38
1 set school uniforms for3 children in Laos - $19
1 share of hospital beds to disabled children Uzbekistan - $60

Total = $199

warm fuzzy feeling = priceless

Merry Christmas



last night when putting kiddie J to bed...

"It's going to rain"

"Not yet"

"Close the window when it rains, ok?"


"the curtain also"


"the LIGHTING also"

"... ... ... ok"


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Facebook - Bookshelf Application

The killer application for me in Facebook is the Bookshelf

what i've read, what i'm reading now, and what i want to read

what my friends have read, what they are reading now, and what they want to read



i'm addicted and i've already added 150 books over the last 2 days.

and thats without even referring to the real books in my collection, which must number in the high hundreds.

and not to mention that i've read, like, what? 5000? 6000? English books at least?

if they'll only come up with a Chinese version.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The rich get richer

Have been investing in some shares, investment/ insurance plans and FD for over 10 years.

In fact, my first share trades were made when i was still in the Uni.

Laid off playing the market for awhile and quit just before the Asian Currency Crisis, and RM controls, didnt exactly get burn but did have some money stuck in CLOB and I have no illusion of ever seeing any of those again.

I stayed to the long-term investment plans and accumulating a bit of various counters when the occassions arise, mostly through IPOs.

Recently, my boss and his friends and their network made a killing over various counters due to inside information, from friends of friends who drink together

the info didnt trickle down to me until they made the killing, which were 6 figures each

alas. the rich get richer, while pp like us work ourselves to the bones.

but i did receive a tip recently, and bought 20 lots, when they have been accumulating more than 1000 lots each.

It is trading above my purchase price, but then again, in this market, you'll most likely hit a counter that's moving up anyways.

Not worries about it killing me since my golden rule of investment is NEVER TO PLAY WITH WHAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD.

Lets see if I'll make a killing on the tip then?


SCSM 2007 - E's Race

E completed his 1st full marathon in 5:12:00 hr

I am immensely proud

His Nike Inspiration that he's tacked to his back said

"B'cos my wife completed hers"



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