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Friday, January 29, 2010

Money on the ground is no windfall

One of the cornerstones of values that I want to impart to my kids is to not covet another's belongings.

They can strive to have/ get more and better things by working/ saving for it. But they should never take into possession things that belong to another whether by scheming/ begging/ whatever. I feel that this instill self-worth and confidence, and helps to prevent materialism and the inevitable comparisons with peers on who has what and who has it bigger/ better/ more.

I cant remember how it came to pass, but one of those things we now do is when we pick up stray coins on the road, we do not put them into the piggy bank. We keep them until we pass a donation box whether SPCA/ comchest at the supermarket or a flag day and put that coin in. Because it does not belong to us.

Well, E chance upon a whole SGD5 note when he was on the way home with the kids last night.

The kids promptly relieved him of the windfall burden and came back to pass the S$5 to me for safe-keeping until we pass the next donation box.

I think we did something right there. :)

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It started with a dry throat then a sore throat.

I paid it no heed since it was the weekend and the schedule was jam-packed with kids activities and family time.

By Sunday evening, I was coughing and lost my voice. And tearing with yellow mucus from my eyes

Went to the doctor on Monday and was given MC for common flu and viral conjuntivitis (or sore eyes).

Eyes did get better although very slowly, but the cough developed into major hacking coughs was spitting out mucous with blood in them... The cough syrup didnt do anything, and I woke up every 30min-2 hours in fits of coughing.

Went back to the doc on Wednesday morning. And this time he grudgingly decided that although I didnt have fever I "could have developed" an infection and was given a course of 7 days worth of antibiotics, stronger cough syrup and ventolin to open up the airways. 3 more days of MC for viral bronchitis.

Thank goodness I managed to convince my boss that I was in no condition to travel, since I was already coughing so much that not only my throat was raw, my abs hurt. I can't imagine breathing airplane air and going throw unenlightened customs who are still in mortal fear of H1N1.

It is now Friday, and I still havent slept for more than 2 hours at a stretch.

AND i did have to come back to office...




Saturday, January 16, 2010

A good day

I had 3 things to accomplish today:

- Get a new sim card from m1.
My old one is having contact issues, causing no sim card errors and difficulty in signing on to 3g. This necessitates the process of removing the hero's back cover, battery and sim card, rubbing the sim card and then replacing sim card, battery and back cover, restarting hero and hoping I don't have to do it all over again immediately.

Went to m1 and there was only 1 person in the q who was browsing at brochures of price plans. She quickly made way when I inched closer and closer. Explained to the counter staff, he took down the details, consulted with his manager and viola- a new sim card at no charge! Nice.

- Exchange contact lens.
I had thought that I was getting clumsy and had dropped the lens when I didn't find a lens in the 1st bubble pack. Then I thought that I tore the next 1 when there was a small cut in the lens from the 2nd pack. Then there was nothing in the 3rd. I really am not and can't be THAT clumsy (unless I was drunk, and maybe not even then).

I examined the rest of the 2 remaining unopened bubble pack. 1 was EMPTY! Wah lao eh.

Went back to the shop, showed them the unopened but empty pack and they gave me a new strip of lenses, no further explanations necessary. Yay!

- Buy something from Watson's
The challenge being I had no idea what was the brand or packaging, having only seen it being used by somebody who could only tell where she got it.

So there I was, staring at the multitude of products and a sales staff came by to help. And she found it! With a smile! Cool.

Then I managed to pick up some other stuff from another shop where the staff helped me to carry to my car. She volunteered without me whining, looking pathetic or asking for help. It wasn't even an extraordinary or expensive purchase, just over $100 of several bulky stuff. Great service. All the more appreciated since it was unexpected.

The day ended with me finishing a project faster and with less pain then expected.

If only every day could be like this.

Gasp! I hope I haven't used up my quota of good service this year...

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