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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME! (updated 2-5-08)

Received various well wishes via sms, MSN, FB and emails (from SPUG, SOFT and NUS biz school which was sweet but kinda weird).

Thank you all, HUGS.

especially to GT who shares the same birthday.

But I am missing 1 happy birthday message.

E is in Paris exploring the catacomb and I hope he is just totally engrossed and not grossed out or entangled in anyway.

He has till 2359:59 Singapore time.

Otherwise, even the LV bag wont be enough to make up for it.


update 2-5-08

He called at 8pm (SG time) to wish me Happy Birthday and to inform me that the LV bag I wanted is out of stock in the whole or Paris.

Well, you win some, you lose some.

But I figure I'm still winning.



Monday, April 28, 2008


i cut and colored my hair over the weekend.

Long over-due maintenance.

From mid back all the way to a bob above the chin.

unfortunately, the stupid hairdresser is an incompetent idiot who didnt listen to what i want, "short, flirty, low maintenance" and gave me a too dark girly (matronly if you want to be unkind) bob which needs to be blow-dry after every f***ing wash, that is now too short to cut further and i therefore now need to tuck 1 side behind my ear so that i dont look like i'm wearing a helmet.

Kane Choo (from The Salon at Whee Lock) , you are a fraud, and you know it.


Singapore Flyer

Went up the Singapore Flyer over the previous weekend with the whole family.

The view was er... ok, nothing new if you have been in the other tall buildings around that area...

The best thing was finding a long lost favorite food of mine, biscuit a la Wendy's a million years ago, at Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits. Not as good (or did memory make everything from the past taste better?), but it will do for now.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

huh? what?

Ever wanted a translation of that rap to English you can understand?

enter Urban Dictionary

pity they dont have a reverse dictionary


Friday, April 11, 2008

Itchy Backside

Was sitting tidy on some gains, and pocketed about $380 for some short term punting on ChinaEnergy late last week.

Market was volatile over this week, and just before closing on Tuesday, decided to jump in and punt some more.

10 lots on ChinaEnergy at $0.57, and 2 lots SGX at $8.45

with money i dont have, no thoughts on "just in case", juuuust because ChinaEngergy had lost $0.05 and SGX $0.56 on that day. "Will probably recover within the week, right?" <-- famous last words.

ITCHY BACKSIDE never die before.

Market fell for 2 straight days on Wednesday and Thursday.

ChinaEnergy went to a low of $0.545, and SGX $7.81, translating to a loss of $1530 before brokerage of $180.


Decided to gamble and BOUGHT 2 more SGX at $7.90 on Wednesday, to lower the break even point. There is just no way for SGX to recover to $8.56 to breakeven on my first purchase. But SGX closed at $7.98 on Thursday, way below my break even point of $8.235 (after brokerage). Still a paper loss of $1020 on SGX alone.

how many haircuts, pairs of shoes, books is that? Dont tell me, i dont really want to know.


Was thinking whether to cut loss and brave the pain in case it went free-falling. But decided to gamble to hang on till today (settlement on T+3), and not call in for funds to buy and hold the shares (i mean no way for me to can open mouth to ask for $38,700 to buy and hold lor). I SHALL bravely take in the contra hopefully manageable losses and hopefully the paper gain i'm sitting on will be sufficient to cover.


Miracles of miracles, the market rallied sufficiently for SGX to go up to $8.26 in the morning, where i managed to offload at $8.23 with small loss only, and it traded with in the $8.13~$8.18 band throughout the day. Even though SGX did close at $8.28 today, I count myself lucky. Even better, I also managed to clear ChinaEngery at $0.56 with some loss.

Total losses for itchy backside probably just less than the $380 that I've made in real money so far (the rest is still paper gain since I'm still holding them).

Exciting week.

But totally unnecessary.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008



what a great little movie

what a neat little song

takes somebody who knows to write like that

and did you catch that Juno was in X-Men 3, Mark is the guy from Arrested Development? Vanessa from... how could you have missed her?


Secret ingredient

I can't remember which trip was it or when or even where.

Mostly likely BKK since that is the place that I've most frequently traveled recently for work.

I was riding in a car and was looking out the window (or walking very quickly along a road, I can't remember which) and something caught my eye.

A street hawker seemed to be washing his wok with a bunch of plastic straws.

Strange, I'd thought that a bunch of bamboo straws will do much better in cleaning.

And what a lot of liquid that he is using to wash his wok, hmmm... was it oil?

Very strange indeed.

I had almost forgotten about the incident until I read this article.

crispy plastic fried bananas... wow.

Then we had chicken rice ordered in for lunch, with a side dish of super crispy onion with real crunch even though the dish is stone cold from being left in the open since morning.

Super crunchy crisp onions.


why is my stomach feel all queasy in a sudden?

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The worst travelling day

The worst travel itinery ever:

KLIA 0830 KL OFFICE 0930
KL OFFICE 1500 KLIA 1545

yup, allllll in the same day 3 Apr 08

i'm so glad it's over, but my body has broken down too.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Running with the kids

so we finally went to buy new shoes suitable for running for the kids, not real running shoes cos hello~? you think we print $ ah? Just something with rubber soles, abit flexible and not too heavy.

and we test ran them (the shoes, not the kids, with the kids in them) over the weekend.

We started with a stroll, then a jog and then it became a free for all to reach the starting point at the park near our place.

E went off for his run, and I led the kids to a warm-up.

The kids trying to look serious but I couldnt hide my grin while we went:
- how high can your hands reach? straight up! higher!
- how wide can they go? like you are getting ready for a BIIIGGG hug!
- make small circles, and bigger and BIGGER! then smaller and smaller
- put your hands on your waist, and turn! Turn again, and again!
- ok, touch your toes! nooooo... dont bend your knees. can you touch? errr... ok, just bend down , no need to touch your toes.
- now rotate your ankles like this. (they started dancing to the twist and i almost fell over laughing)

then we went running up and down the route again. Total about 750m. SCSM kids dash, here we come!

after that, the huge reward of playground! a solid 45min worth. LOL.

i sent them home for their shower, and E gave them dinner.

and then i went for MY run.

my first since my last half marathon, ahh... more than a year ago. :blush:

felt good to limber up and feel the breeze in the evening.

Gotta do it again, soon.

with the kids too.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Am playing with 3 counters of 10 lots each at the moment.

As of today: S is up 12.5c, H is up 0.5c and F is down 6c, which means my portfolio had gained $600 today, overshooting my target which i reached last Friday.

Overall, this little shopping trip is up a total of about $1.7k. Scary, i don't even know how it happened. The tickers just went up and down and up and down and up and here i am.

Stillll holding out to see what happens.
- I've learned a good lesson in not selling the money spinner too early while holding out for the loser to regain its value, instead: SELL the loser and wait for the money spinner to gain more.
- The other lesson being: it is often easier for 10 lots to gain 1c than 1 lot to gain 10c, so spread your investment, and not all on the expensive blue chips.

But in the mean time, amidst the fun and games and anxious moments, I'm beginning to get that niggling feeling that this won't make me rich, as in RICH-rich, and I dont actually know if i'm having fun yet.

It is certainly no small change and this will let me buy some stuff (or a lot of cheap stuff), but to be frank, there isn't anything i NEED to buy, y'know?

Not a LV bag, a Feragamo shoes, Tiffany ring, or whatever. And besides, I'll be better off diverting the $ to more investment.

But at the end of it, money is just money, right?

i wonder what it all means? jaded or i need a (higher) goal?

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rest then


my dream

that wasn't meant to be

rest then

my dear


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