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Friday, August 03, 2012


Was watching KangXiLaiLe last night and the topic de jour was grown men reminiscing about their unrequited love.

One had held a torch for a girl for 5 years and processed his love many times and had them all turned down, one of which in a very public arena. The girl had told the guy that she was in another relationship and not available, and that she didnt think they would be suitable together. The guy held on and is still waiting, as long as she hasnt married.

The hosts then asked the opinion of other guests,"why did the girl remain friendly with the guy despite knowing clearly his affection for her, and after making her own intentions clear?" I mean, it is obvious the guy is hurting and his life has been put on hold.

One guest was especially succinct, she said "那是因为他还有一些利用价值吧...(This is most probably he is still useful to her)."

Tough. Selfish and True. Save yourselves. Run.


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