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Friday, October 26, 2007

End of a dream

Timbaland Ft. One Republic


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All clear!

after the scares 5 and 2 years ago.

Received the ALL CLEAR yesterday.

Thank goodness.

so relieved.

not having to worry till next test 5-10 years from now

which i'll go earlier than later.



Have always resisted joining all those networking sites despite the invitations.

i mean, msn not enough meh? what can you do that you cant face to face, sms, msn or email?

throw sheep?

until Leng invited me.

my best friend.

ok lor.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Heart Sutra


观自在菩萨 行深般若波罗蜜多时

照见五蕴皆空 度一切苦厄


色不异空 空不异色

色即是空 空即是色

受想行识 亦复如是


是诸法空相 不生不灭

不垢不净 不增不减

是故空中无色 无受想行识

无眼耳鼻舌身意 无色声香味触法

无眼界 乃至无意识界

无无明 亦无无明尽

乃至无老死 亦无老死尽

无苦集灭道 无智亦无得 以无所得故

菩提萨陲 依般若波罗蜜多故

心无 碍 无 碍故 无有恐怖

远离颠倒梦想 究竟涅盘

三世诸佛 依般若波罗蜜多故

得阿耨多罗 三藐三菩提


是大神咒 是大明咒 是无上咒

是无等等咒 能除一切苦 真实不虚


即说咒曰 揭谛揭谛

波罗揭谛波罗僧揭谛 菩提娑婆诃


I first learnt of the 心 经 Heart Sutra from one of my favorite authors 蔡澜 he is my ideal of a modern renaissance man with interests (and learning) from food, drink, movie, calligraphy, sculpture, writing, travel, buddhism, language, culture, and dabbles in almost everything. I mean, he blogs too!

He has said that he meditates before sleep by writing caligraphy of the heart sutra from memory, and it is one of his favorite gifts to friends.

the SGI chant? nahhh....


The Buddha, Geoff and Me

I've just finished reading "The Buddha, Geoff and Me"

It is an interesting book written in the 1st account which made me felt a little cheated that it was a modern story and not really real. Well, as in autobiography/ factual real, but at least none of that "A million little pieces" fabrication scandal there. AFAIK.

I digress.

It is Buddhism but not as I've learnt, supposedly from the Buddha's later teachings, specifically the Lotus Sutra.

It made me think, in a deeper manner than what had inspired me from "Tuesdays with Morris".

- That the 10 worlds are here and now, and your lifestate affects the way you perceive and interact with the world and vice-versa.

- That you do and the choices you made has an effect on you, your world and everything else.

Cause and Effect.

It may not be manifest immediately, and it may not be instantly recongisable, but why not choose the positive and let the energy accumulate? Not so much the Karma, but seriously, why not choose the positive thoughts/ actions/ over their negative counterparts?

But I AM resistant to the religious aspect of it, the many japanese words in relation to the teaching (since much was adopted from Nichiren Buddhism from Japan and practiced by SGI) and that refrain to chant, but still found myself taking a second look for the 16 words chant that was hidden.

Nonetheless, a Good book. There are somethings that one can seriously use to meditate upon and make some life changes. Juuuust not the chanting for me. no good vibes for me there.

I might buy the book for keeps since I need to return the copy i've just finished to the library.

Am thinking of buying it for some of my closest, but most of them are Christians. I wonder what they will make of my gift?


Thursday, October 18, 2007


So it wasnt an outright lie.

Just something between a fudge and an error of omission, made perhaps during an inconvenient moment.

I didnt even have to use the game plan (but i'll save it for future, juuuust in case)

time to move on.


Many thanks for the (now wet) shoulders and hugs and "how are you"s


Thursday, October 04, 2007

How to Tell if Somebody is Lying

Step One
Look for body language that might indicate someone is lying, such as not looking you in the eye when speaking to you, being fidgety, or acting nervous or uncomfortable.

Step Two
Listen for inconsistencies in what the person tells you, such as different stories on different days, different time frames, mistakes in remembering details or mixing up details.

Step Three
Notice if the person steadfastly resists answering any questions. Extreme defensiveness could mean that he or she is trying to hide something.

Step Four
Notice if the person accuses you of lying or being deceitful when you really haven't been. This could reflect the other person's own underlying behavior, which he or she is projecting onto you rather than owning up to it.

Step Five
Listen to your gut and intuition. You may just know someone is lying. If you are not sure, don't jump to conclusions. Try to get some evidence to back up your hunch.

Step Six
Consider asking directly if the person has lied to you. Many people feel bad getting caught up in lies, and find it a relief to finally be honest.

Step Seven
Try to be understanding and listen to the person's reasons for lying. Was he trying not to hurt you? Was she afraid you would be angry, upset or disappointed?

Step Eight
Look at your possible role in having someone lie to you. Are you someone who gets so upset hearing the truth that others feel they can't be honest with you?


I have the game plan (not the above, thats the HOW TO TELL IF SOMEBODY IS LYING, duh)

Shall see.

Am i afraid of the truth?

No. It will only hurt sharply once and then the heart goes numb, and then life goes on.

But at least then you'll know.
you find a way to move on and know what are you living for

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why why why?


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