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Monday, February 06, 2006

More SCSM Aftermath

ok, my toe nail from middle toe of right feet fell off last nite, leaving behind a tiny shilver of new thin nail. kinda weird but it reminds me of soft shell crab, or more accurately, soft shell prawn (if there is such a thing) since its shell is transparent.

dont know whether it was becos of the run, or the trauma of having stubbed my toes several times in the day, first for following E too closely when shopping, or when mom mowed into my feet while vacuuming the floor.

it was yucky, since i still had my CNY deep purple polish on on the other toes... and the piece that fell off had those polish on too. i could post a pic of that nail, but i thot better of it. :p

the 2 big toe nails are wobbly too. and it is slightly freaking me out. what if i never get to have proper nails and what if i never get to wear nail polish on my toes again?!!! groan...


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