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Monday, February 13, 2006

Chriro Treatment #2

Was early for once, and was told to lie face down on the treatment bench and wait for Dr. Greg. Evie said that lying down will help to relax the spine. Ok. but the long wait with my face stuck in a hole in the bench is causing creases to form around my face...

Told Dr. Greg about the great discomfort i had from the first session, basically was a wreck for the better of 2 days, and told him that i resorted to medical plasters to relieve the soreness.

he frowned and said, "medical plaster, that's heat, right?" "yup" "er... you were supposed to use ice packs" OOPIES!

he told me that only about 10~20% of pp experience pain from their initial treatments as their muscles responds "ANGRILY" to the spine manipulation. aha! bad muscles wanting to stay bad anology is right.

He started work on me pretty much the same as the last, but maybe some additional steps, and with less pressure. most were completed with a satisfying CReaaakk-CRRAACKKK-kkk sound, but 1 particular move involving the left neck wouldnt bulge and we left it as it is.

he then told me to try to use ice pack when i got home to reduce any discomfort further. ICE ICE ICE. yup. ok.

next session coming Weds.

i'm quite convinced that this is helping, and have asked my sis (who suffers from 2 fused lumbar and a slip disc) to go check out what they can do for her, and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be able to help.

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