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Friday, February 03, 2006

Runners World

Was reading the latest issue of Runners' World and 2 things struck me:

1. New York Marathon Finishers
They had a photo feature of some NY Marathon finishers, and most had completed in sub-4 (3 hours plus) to sub-6. I was looking out for pp who finished near to my time in SCSM sub-8, and found only a man who finished in sub-7. Upon closer examination, the man was an DOUBLE amputee who had an accident in his younger days, and were running on prosthesis...

2. Fat %
there was a little table for Fat %, for woman, it was along the lines of

Essential 9% (bare minimum)
Atheletic 11~13%
Fitness 14% ~ 19%
Average 20% ~ 24%
Acceptable 25% ~ 28%
AFAIR (as far as i remember, but the numbers seem just a little screwy)

Since i weigh myself almost everyday with a digital scale that measures weight to 0.1kg, and fat % to 0.5%., i know that my 1st thing in the morning % is 3% more than my last thing in the night %, and my 1st thing in the morning weight is 0.7kg less than last thing in the night.

bearing in mind that morning figures are probably skewed due to dehydration in the night, i'm more inclined to take the night numbers, which is between 23.5% at my best when training for SCSM and 25% on average now.

I read from Renohtaram's blog that he is at 12.3% now and he wants to go to 8~9%. faintz

I'm gonna be working towards a consistent 23% and weight below 48kg by my birthday. :)


hi janjan, for men, 12% is already beyond the athletic range, so i plan to cut... :)
hail reno! :)
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