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Friday, July 29, 2005


finally registered for the StandChart Singapore Marathon. was struggling with the decision to register for the half or the full marathon. went with the heart and chose full instead of the safer half marathon. i suppose that will be a strong motivator to train more regularly and harder. i do not want a DNF on my first outing. oh please, let me finish it with dignity and before the cut-off time. give me the strength.


E 050728

1105pm start. 26min, 2715 strides, 500 cal


Wednesday, July 27, 2005


just occurred to me at window shopping during lunch. i don't need anything, not that i HAVE everything, just that i dont need any MORE things then those that i already have. it was just a simple contentment, pure joy to be able to look at beautiful stuff on display, and think "nice" and not continue with "i want". bliss

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Smell of desperation

i had a whiff of it today. it nauseated me. it started with reminiscences and sharing of experiences, but when the talk of eons past is being dissected as if it happened last week, and turned toward why wouldnt pp learn from the wealth of info from the last 20 years? (emmm... becos they had really just joint 3 months back and never got to know?) I am sympathetic, but there really is a better time and place, not to mention a proper target audience. Please please please dont scream at the new pp for the mistakes that an earlier generation had made and not learnt from and continues to err (by gosh, sack them please!). Give the newbies a chance, they are trying, and learning, dont demoralise them and discredit them before they've even started.

me? i know what and how it had happened (although i had only been there midway, but i have long antenaes. ha.) and understands where it came from. but for me, still? that smell of desperation is just sad.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

E 050724

11pm start. 24min, 2514 strides, 465 cal


Friday, July 22, 2005


overwhelmed with work, almost to the point of paralysis... where to start, which 1 first if they are all on ASAP basis, how SOON is ASAP? Need to sit down and think through a war plan and action schedule, but i keep getting interrupted by other pp with their prob and their ASAPs. argh~*

can't think clearly, need food. I'll save that drink till later. and a massage, if and when, hopefully sooner, not later. And a run this weekend. darn* not that much of a paralysis when it comes to non-work matters... ah~ but can you blame me? ;)


Thursday, July 21, 2005


ok, so the buzz from previous nite's exercise didnt last the whole day, and i needed coffee to stay awake yesterday pm. Was dog tired by the time i got home and crashed 1130pm. Woke up 645am today, and was still tired. Weigh this, is it better to "sleep more but wake up tired, but can last the whole day" or "exercise, sleep less, wake up energetic but cannot last the whole day"? :(


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

running for bus

sprinted 80m in 2.5" heels to catch the bus this morning. no breathlessness, no quicken heartbeat. beautiful. i feel strong. i'm going to run again tonight just so i'll feel like this tomorrow morning.


E trainer

my trusty Elliptical (darn* so difficult to spell) trainer. for days that i just cant get out of the house, and i get to "run" in the dead of the nite.

had a good session last nite, just 21 min, 2167 strides and 400 calories. :D felt strong, and was so tempted to go on for much more. but too fast too much too long is a sure recipe for disater. dont want to risk any injury before the NB real run. finished up with stretching, situps and push ups. the buzz from the adrenaline lasted me till 130am.

woke up feeling great. not thinking of that drink or that panadol.


Saturday, July 16, 2005


darn* darn* darn*
failed first try. perhaps the pressure of wanting to pass it on the first, to not to have to think about it anymore, to not to pay any more "tuition fees" did me in.
ok, so the bout of diarhrea the day before and the mad rush in the morning didnt help, and the lack of sleep the nite before, but still.... grrrrllll.
perfect circuit, but stupid 2 x 8 for "not enuf clearance given to other road users" i thot i was supposed to cover the curb?! and 2 x 4 for "abrupt lane change" the way i was taught to do... so whats what? can argue with tester meh? stupid stupid stupid.
next try Oct, and $600 down. darn*


Monday, July 11, 2005


ah~ raku, the little jap resturant that is my piece of heaven after a stressful day. i can feel the headache going away as soon as i step into the doors. thank you for the immaculate service, food and drinks.thank you kelly, thank you roy. 1.5 bot of sake with no hangover, amazing.



drowning in work, and it is more than up to eye balls this time, my feet are not touching bottom, and the top is out of reach. i can feel myself physically gasping for air.

everything is due not yesterday, but last month, and i was only told this morning. HA! raging headache. need to sit down and breathe, and think and organise a war plan, but i'm too busy fire-fighting... and thinking of that 1 drink that will clear my mind.


Friday, July 08, 2005


had to stay home over the last 3 days with rashes. millions of (ok, i exaggerate, more like just a hundred thousand) itchy red angry red rashes from the neck down to the toes. and swelling on the face, half shut eyes (from the swell, duh.) and lips. yeah, i know, NPNT, but this is my blog.

kids actually moved away from me when i took the LRT to the doc. kept my head down, pretend to read the Today i was carrying. Doc dignosed as allergic rash on the face, and viral rash on the body. huh? come again? gave me a small bottle of calomine lotion, but i finished that just applying them on my limbs, once. :rolleyes:. went the next day when it got worst (yup, it is possible, and it did) and was prescribed oral steriods. filed down all my finger nails to prevent the scratching from breaking my skin in a thousand spots. :clench fist: :breathe: :think of something else:

am better now, but still not normal. i look like i've got measles, but only noticeable if you are looking for them. were long sleeve and long pants to work just in case tho.

Monday, July 04, 2005

1st cuppa of the week

Coffee. I am not awake without 1. dont even try to talk to me before i've downed 1.


Saturday, July 02, 2005


hmmm... revenue generating with little maintainence. ads for drink/ cocktail recipes and info for diff type of drinks... could be fun and some change for a cuppa. worth a thot.

Friday, July 01, 2005


waiting is a stupid waste of engergy,

- waiting for a page to load
- waiting for CSO's reply to email queries (aka tomato)
- waiting for the phone to be picked up
- waiting to speak to a real human
- waiting waiting waiting

unless you are waiting for her to say "yes"

the worst today was waiting for my transport when i am totally beat, hungry and mentally exhausted... i could so totally have used a drink instead of waiting for transport. i'm going to have a bottle when i get my hands on one.


good job

errr... not job job, more like job well done. I really shouldn't enjoy the satisfaction of having done a good job in saving other pp's asses, but it WAS well done (the job, not those asses) :) and boss was watching, I think. a toast!


other pp's deadline

Rant: oh i hate to be working to save other pp's deadlines, especially if they committed to a one which they have no intention or way of keeping to, only to have me arrowed to save their asses right next to the very last minute. And oh, it is Friday evening now too. I need a drink...


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