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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Still flying

lots of people got out at Moscow and not many checkin from Moscow to Houston. I choped an empty row and took the middle seat in case somebody wants to share.

Ahhhh... to stretch out over three seats, 3 pillows and 3 blankets to make myself comfortable. Well, as comfortable as sleeping coach class over a row of air plane seats is possible.

I have watched so many movies this trip, even some that i didnt want to watch...

The Queen
Los Managers (Spanish)
The Clown and the King (Korean)
The Taste of Fish (Japanese)
Playboy Cops (Cantonese)

I can only pray that my return trip in Sept will see NEW movie list.

Failing that, I will just get drunk.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Transit at Moscow

Retyped from written notes dated 28-8-08 2pm Singapore Time

After over 12 hours of butt numbing flight from Singapore, I am now in the transit lounge in Moscow.

The mobile network on my phone says MTS-RUS.

All airports look the same: Duty free liquor cosmestics and perfume, F&B of undeterminable quality with either generic names (Ah Yeung's Oriental) or some fast food chain at inflated prices.

Wanted to buy russian dolls (those with smaller ones hidden one and another) for the kids, but the ones they have hide chocolate instead. DUH

The Russian script brought back memories of somebody a long time ago...

We are boarding.

Another 11hours to Houston, and then 2 domestic flights.

I'm not looking forward to it.

Thank goodness for Krisworld. How fortunate the air crew of today to have an electronic nanny to keep their passengers docile and undemanding...


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blogging at Changi Airport

It is now 12:15am.

I have arrived at the airport and checked in more than 2 hours before my flight time.

Uncharacteristically if I may add, having since developed the very efficient habit of arriving at the airport JIT for check-in and to gate from many years of business travel. (what romance of travel?)

BUT I am on holiday now, plus I wanted to beat the 50% midnight surcharge.

T2 is quiet and all the shops at the public access areas are closed. There is no queue anywhere, even SQ check-in counters at row 9 is closed. There is no queue at the free internet kiosks too.

I will be joining E in USA to visit New York and San Francisco.

Some of the things I'm looking forward to are:

New York : A run in Central Park, Avenue Q Broadway Show, Times Square, Greenwich, Metropolitan Musuem, Ground Zero

San Francisco : Alcartraz, Fisherman's wharf, China Town, Good Food

And most of all, time with E. :o

But I'm not relishing the 1st leg of my travel which will take me 35 hours and 5 airports to get to the first destination. GULP*

I've come prepared, surviving on little sleep over the last few nights (so that maybe, just maybe, I'll catch some on the plane), and little food so that I will adjust to the new time zone by eating well there.

Dear Friends, wish me safe and fun travel. And you take care till my next blog.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Kids say the darnest things 2

Kids are at that age where their vocab haven't caught up their thoughts and expressions yet (but to be fair i say that is true of many of us still...)

Kiddie E : Mommy, my sore throat is painful.

Tot J: Mommy, he disturb me just now!
Mommy : Jie Jie is a girl, not he, she. Say properly again?
Tot J: Mommy, Jie Jie disturb me just now.

Mommy: which one do you want?
Tot J: I want 2!
Mommy: choose 1
Mommy : no inee-minee, just choose
Tot J: No INEE-MINEE? ok
Tot J (whisper) : inee minee mynee...

Mommy: Did you ask nicely?
Tot J: Jie Jie, can you share?
Kiddie E: She never say PLEASE!
Mommy: Ask nicely, say please
Tot J: Can I have pleeeeease?
Kiddie E: ... ...
Mommy: Are you going to share?
Kiddie E: She never say PLEASE nicely!

Tot J has a packet of M&Ms
Mommy: Will you share have with your friend?
Tot J: ok, can I share half?
Mommy: Wow, that's very nice, yes, of course.
Tot J bit half of a M&M and gave the remaining to her friend


Friday, August 15, 2008

not a happy blogger

Sorry for the lack of posts...

Will be going to New York and San Francisco at the end of the month.

so apart from compulsively solving every Sudoku puzzle i've come across since the first, AND

Doing tons of research, buying tickets, booking hotel, checking route for itinerary re NY and SF etc AND

working and traveling for business at the same time AND

watching too much Olympics action on TV (is Michael Phelps human? Oh NO! Federer crashed out? China dominates in Diving & Gymnastics. Korea dominance in Archery. Tao Li being the first Singaporean to swim in an Olympic final. Singapore Women Team table tennis guaranteed a Silver, the first medal for the country in 48 years. And the Track & Field has just started) AND

nursing a bad back (too much hunching over the keyboard)

does not a happy blogger make.

To make things worst, the stock market has nosedived and the last time i took a peek, i've lost quite a few (more than a couple) of LV bags' worth, so no shopping for me this trip.

BUT i will be planning a run in Central Park (free), walking around Times Square, Chelsea, Soho, a Broadway show (discounted tickets), China Town and a evening tour to Alcatraz (no discount but no choice).

gotta chin-up and cheer-up.


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