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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

i passed i passed i passed!

i passed my 3A practical test.

okaaaay... so it's $3k later and on the second try, but i passed i passed i passed.

compared to the 1st try, this time everything went pretty smoothly, with the exception that i almost overdosed on panadol last nite on a killer headache and lost count of how many i took (3 in 30 min, but i survived :D)

woke up from a bad dream, but on time with the ring from my Treo 650. quick shower, rechecked that i got my stuff, dressed and left. even got a seat on the SK MRT!!! good sign! arrived at BG MRT at 847am, prob just missed the bus, but since i was prepared, just went to take a cab lor (unlike the 1st time when i toot-toot waited for 5-10min)

ran smack into Frankie, my cousin at BBDC. and he wanted to take me for the warm up session! sweat, sicarli drive terribly, then my whole big wide extended family will all know! heng heng everything swee swee except that i turned the steering wrong side in the direction change while engrossed in talking with him. then out on the road and back, and waiting for the test.

debated whether to go for breakfast/ milo/ toilet, and decided against all. didnt want to miss the roll call and briefing like the last time. no nerves this time, just relac one corner and see the testers come up with pp after their tests. think i only saw 1 who came out with a grin. the rest couldnt hide their results slips fast enough.

noticed 2 girls in my test slot, 1 with chao-been face, and another with buay-zai look.

roll call and ballot. i got route 4. wah, right turn out but then easy all the way. :D everything swee in the circuit until the verticle parking. reverse too fast (as always) but this time overshot, drove forward a little but guess not enough cos i ended very very very close to the right. tester frowned and came down to check. i wanted to open door and check also but decided not cos i open door means knock pole. he came back and say very close! but then say move forward. wondered how many points he will deduct but disregarded that thot and just went and did everything as usual.

supposed to Left turn at junction. OBSTRUCTION 10m before junction! filter right. then tester hint hint,"turn left at junction". filter left then left turn. heng*

on the road. stupid bus parked at double-zig-zag line before zebra-crossing. muttered to myself, is the bus gonna be there for long? hazard lights on, no driver. have to overtake then. okie dokie.

ANOTHER stupid van parked at double yellow line, next to double white line on narrow road. had to overtake. this time tester say never overtake fast enough, may cause obstruction to opp traffic, oooookay lor.

smooth smooth. last right turn towards BBDC. yellow light flashed just as i reached the stop line, hesitated for half a sec, and decided to go for it. heng heng still yellow light when i crossed the junction. phew.

kenna 12 in the end, some were for faults with free points :D. but a pass is a pass is a pass :D

took new color pic, watched video (girl with chao-been passed and still chao-been, prob born like that; buay-zai zabor queue to pay money for more lessons), queued up an hour to apply for driving license cos lunch time. small paper slip and license will be mailed to me in 2 weeks. YAY!



Tell me beforehand when you gonna be on the road. Hhahahah!
thanks thanks.

and wah, thank you also for... so much "confidence" in me hor. *mutter*mutter*
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