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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pretty gril dunno how to apply SP meh?

ran down to Funan to buy a new Screen Protector for my Treo, and went straight to Edpol for one.

A woman quoted me $22 for a no brand sp, saying that they will apply for me. I was short of time since i was supposed to be at a family dinner a few buildings away, and just for fun, i asked "how much if i apply it myself?"

With a look of incredulous on her face, "Not easy to apply one you know?".

"I've done it before".

She turned to the boss, "she say she want to apply herself"

"Have you done it before? it is not easy"

i wanted to scream "I've applied and taken out more than 10 SPs on more than 4 palms! but that's none of your business and whats your problem? is this the so called customer service or are you trying to make money for applying it for me?", but instead...

"i have but i dont really care, what brand is your SP?"

"er... it is brandless"

"is it clear or matt, i dont want it to be reflective"

"it is crystal clear"

"you have a sample?"

he showed me his treo. went under the light and my face glared back at me.

"too reflective. no thanks"


went to next shop. they have an even more brandless SP. but they lost me when they asked Treo 600 or Treo 650? They both have the same dimensions and uses all the same accessories.


Went to AAAS. Asked for a SP. Girl passed me a brand which i'm familiar with, and say she will apply it for me. I said no thanks, she turned toward her boss and ask how? He charged me $18.


what? pretty girsl must to be too stupid to apply SP on their pda, which they must never have hotsync in the first place izit? sheesh.


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