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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Chriro Treatment #1

went for my 1st chriro treatment last nite. what can i say? it was like cracking your finger joints, but with very much larger joints, more pain and much louder...

here's a walk through...

i didnt have to wait, cos i was late and the others were either late too or they had finished before i got there. YAY.

first i layed face down on the treatment bench, and Dr Greg did some unmemorable adjustments. Then i turned over and things got interesting. He craddled my face with 2 hands, sway them side-by-side and then crreeeakk-kkk-CRACK-K-K-K. my neck joints were adjusted. then the other side.

Next was my pelvis, with body face up on bench, and hip sideways, he moved my knees over and applied pressure... creaAAAKK-CRACCCCK-KKKKkkk OUCH! and then it was gone, and the other side. funnily, he said "the more relax you are, the easier this will be..." RELAX? faintz

Next was mid back, still lying face up, i was told to hug myself and lift my head, and then he pull and twisted my shoulder and CRAAACCCKKKKKkkkkk. and THE OTHER SIDE too.

and i was done, for this session anyways.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. i stood up and felt as if a huge stone was lifted off my back, almost floating and i felt a few inches taller!

i felt so good that i signed up for 20 sessions...

Dr. Greg told me that i may feel some soreness and to apply ice-pack if necessary, but he thought that since it was quite easy to adjust my alighnments, i might not feel thaaat much pain.

RIGHT.... cos i woke up in PAIN in the middle of nite when Kiddie E climbed into bed with us and Kiddie J started wailing and we had to let her sleep with us too. but I was SORE!!! in the neck-shoulder region, mid back, and lower back. it felt like i ran a marathon on my back and then was beaten up... i couldnt get comfortable whether standing/ lying down or sitting up. had to used about a whole box of Tou-Ku-Hai medical plaster to ease the aches before i could fall asleep again.

groan. i wonder if the soreness was due to the bad muscles trying to resist the new alighnment or the muscles were being trained to follow a new alighnment. errr.... is there any difference? yeah~! like is it bad pp trying to save themselves to stay bad or bad pp trying to make good. Psychological.

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