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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kids say the darnest things

we've gone through the names of the major parts of the body:

head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, hair, eye lashes, eye brow, arm, hand, fingers, fingernail, leg, knee, foot, toes, toe nails.

time for a new one.

pointing to the bottom of Kiddie E's foot, i asked "what do you call this?"



was reading a story of a puppet that comes to life at night at bed time to Kiddie E and Baby J

Everytime i read the word "puppet", Baby J will shout "petpet!"

nothing unusual since she learns to say difficult or new words by saying the last syllable twice or shortening a long word like "umbrella" to "breLA"

well, nothing unusual until i notice her pointing to the front of her diaper....



Tuesday, November 28, 2006


not a good time to be sick.

but after a hectic weekend of attending my youngest and last single cousin's tea ceremony on sat morn, kiddie J's childcare concert in the afternoon, wedding dinner at night with little time for all the costume change and driving between venues on a rainy day, and battling housework and 2 sick kids on Sun, i came down with flu too on Sun night.

4.5 days to SCSM 2006.

I dont want to have to give up the bib that i fought so hard to get.

4.5 days to SCSM 2006.

I still have time to get better, right?

i mean, a flu takes what? 5 days?

that means i have a day's buffer, right?

My Oldest Guy Friend

Ran into Mike while queueing up to collect my SCSM 2006 half marathon race kit.

Okay, not RAN, ran into, cos he was like, in the next queue for the full marathon. But after shuffling and reading while in a 20min queue in the zig-zag line, i looked up and i saw him, unmistakable, down to the 2x4 crew cut.

I shouted his name, and when i didnt get a response, i shouted his name and surname, if he didnt, i would have shouted his FULL NAME too... but he did. He turned, waved and had to shuffle the other direction to his line.

He got his race kit first and waited for me, and we caught up over a drink at Starbucks.

It had been a cool 12-13-14 years(?) since we last met. serious. i cant remember whether it was at West Coast Park, or at Changi Airport, but i asked him out for a chat as i was feeling low, knowing that i didnt have to say much, and he'd always make me laugh.

we knew each other from NCC even though we were from different secondary schools. We ended in the same JC but different faculties. Then he went to USA for studies on a scholarship, and during his 2.5 years there, we wrote each other almost twice every month, on SNAIL MAIL (i still have those letters). hello~ no internet then hor....

Then he came back, served his NS and then we met up a couple of times, and then we lost touch.

and then we caught up over a tea and a coffee. what we did, what we doing now, how's the family, little bits and pieces. We never did talk about the "do you remember when's" but as we talked, the memories of our growing up years were stirred up anyways and i felt young again, then really old.

now what?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

OH what-the-heck~*!

gonna do the unthinkable...

i'm gonna leave tons of work, undone, incomplete, unfiled and just up and go,

not even going to close the opened files and tidy up the mess (more like mountain) of paper strewn on my desk

it is just too much.

i dont have the energy or the inclination to deal with it today.

i'm just gonna go.

ok, maybe i'll shut down the computer...

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Vertical Marathon 2006 - Race Result Analysis

(edited on 23-11-06 to add in comparison against men's results at the end of original post)

Okies, so the full results are in.

and me, being super competitive, want and need to know where i stand.

(nah... kidding, i just want to bench mark and see how much better i could and should have done... *sniff*)

Group (Women)TotalFastestSlowest
Under 202012:1822:46
20 - 296310:4641:29
30 - 3943 (incl 1 DNF)11:2220:59
40 - 4919 (incl 1 DSQ)12:0625:44
Above 50711:4723:29

There were a total of 213 ladies who took part, with the fastest this year clocking in at a blistering 8:32.55 (A NEW RECORD!) and the slowest 41:29 (HEY! at least she completed).

Unfortunately 1 Did Not Finish and 1 was DiSQualified. The DNF is sad, but i wonder what happened with the DSQ? Did she run in another person's bib? i dont believe anybody will cheat for this event....

The largest group was in the 20-29 age group, but it also reflected in the large variance in timing. The other groups were smaller but were more competitive within each group, especially in the 30-39 where the difference between the 1st and the last was just 9:37min.

I suppose when you are 20-29, you will try anything at least once, regardless of physical condition. And the older ladies are more prepared, since none of them finished slower than 25:44min.

Yours truly weigh in at 131st out of 213.

Room for improvement?


out of curiousity, i checked out how i stacked up against the men...
- i would have came in 123th out of 140 men in 30-39 group,
- 386th out of all 451 men. i.e. my time is ahead of 65 men!
- in the whole field of all 664 participants(eh? i thought there were 1000 people who signed up? turn up rate is only 60%?), i came in 517th.

what fun! :D


Monday, November 20, 2006

Vertical Marathon 2006 - Race Report

the short is :

I completed in 17:38min
All 73 storeys, 1336 steps of it and it was the hardest 17:38min of my life.


the race report

Had been feeling under the weather the whole week, and worst had a sprained left wrist from Kiddie J playing her newest game of holding hands with me 1 min and the next sec lifting her feet up and twirling herself around, at the expense of my wrist... she looks really cute and it is great that she is so strong and fearless, but OUCH~!

coupled with a bloated tummy from japanese dinner the night before, and little sleep from taking care of the kids through the night, it was no wonder that of all the races that i've entered, this is the first one that i really comtemplated not going to...

i didnt even bother to pack my race kit the night before like i always do.

but the saving grace is the bib collecting is at a late 8:30am, and the race for my group starts at 9:58am. so i went anyway after clearing the tummy troubles in the morning.

One step at a time.
- First get out of the house,
- catch a cab
- then collect bib and secure chip,
- have breakfast,
- warm up,
- line up,
- climbing one step up at a time,
- and then amazingly, TADA! The TOP! thats the plan anyways... :D

i knew Ade was going to be there, i called her hp when i collected my bib, and she looked amazing, passing for a 18 year old. sigh~* we went for breakfast at mos burger to catch up over 2 years of friendship in suspended animation, and while there passed by a group of sgrunners at sub-way, but we had to wait for our breakfast to be served in mos and didnt join them in the end.

after breakfast, i caught up Ade's brother too and we did a slow warm up running a lap around raffles city. we didnt feel out of place at all as there were so many of us, over 1200 participants and pp from 22 countries.

i did talked to T@z and meteor before my wave, and spied meteor and alvo sharing a good luck kiss before alvo's race, so sweet, the newly weds. :)

pretty quickly, it was the start time for women 30-39 group, Ade and I lined up, and we were in wave 82, 6 of us at one minute intervals. i told her to feel free to move ahead, way ahead of me, dont wait. and set myself 2 targets, first to complete, and to complete within 25min if possible (since last year's last persons in both women 20-29 and women 30-39 clocked 26:20+min.)

the official blew his whistle and with a wave of his hand, we were off! a short sprint from outside swissotel lobby to the staircase landing next to starbucks, and the first steps... turning ANTI-CLOCKWISE???!!! bad bad bad, cos i couldnt put any weight on my left wrist to pull myself up, only being able to hold slightly to steady myself as i went up.

oh wait! the steps arent the same as our HDB stairs with equal steps and a short landing between each turn. It was a 5 m run to the next flight of 2 steps, a short landing, 15 steps or so then 5 m run. no chance to build up a good rhythm.

i looked at my chrono and realised that i didnt start my stopwatch.... (quah-quah...)

no time to think, everybody else in my wave sprinted up the steps 2-at-a-time and i decided to conserve energy and went up steadying step by step.

relief at 5th storey, it went back to clockwise turning. and by now i was breathing hard, through both nose and mouth, my heart pounding wildly, and i started thinking, another 60+ storeys???

most of the door way to each level were opened to facilitate air flow and i supposed for pp to drop out. :D but there were volunteers/ ushers/ officials urging the contestants on too. i gave every of them who shouted encouragement or clapped their hands a thumbs-up sign, partly to thank them, partly to let them know i am ok even though i looked like death, and mostly to psycho myself that i am still well enough to continue

i tried not to look at all the storey indicators, and was sometimes pleasantly surprised that i made up a few more flights of steps i thought i had. it was mind-numbing steps after steps after steps. i didnt know how much time had passed in there.

about 40 storeys, it began to turn anticlockwise again, but the landing between each flight was shorter at 2m. and at this time, i was passed by meteor who was in a wave behind mine. i saw her coming and made way for her. soon i was passed by about another 5 or 6 girls, and miracously i passed ONE girl!

fatique really started to set in then, and i refused to slow down, for fear that i will eventually slow down to stopping point.

and then 70th storeys, with the green painted floor, and it was near! i struggled on the last few flights, and i saw skylight! no time to comb my hair, just a few more steps, and i'm through! a volunteer threw a medal over my neck and another thrust a bottle of cold mineral water into my hands, and i move zombiely to look for Ade.

she was already resting and stretching on the floor, and i was still trying to catch my breathe. i walked around some more and a volunteer came asking for me to return my chip. I was still too breatheless to sit down, and Ade helped. i am blessed with great friends.

i asked Ade how did she do, and she grimaced and said probably 16min+, slower than her last year's climb. i had no way of knowing how far ahead she was, but put my timing at 20min+ to be conservative.

only after that did i manage to take in the view from the top, and took some pictures. way cool. i ran into mythos who was there taking pics with his SLR camera and a full-looking backpack, he said he wanted to weight, no doubt as part of his training for ironman on 3-Dec. salute!

when we had rested enough, we made our way down, only to realise that we had to walk down to 70th storey to take the lift... no kidding. while on the way, i saw volunteers carrying boxes of drinks up from 70th storey to the top, i had to thank them.

waited for an hour for the race certificates to be printed out, and i got mine after a short queue. 17:38min.

i cant believe it.

i'm glad i didnt give up even before getting to the starting line.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Run 061112

So after 4 parties in 3 days... i've decided to run, per schedule.

But was unable to do the 12km that i had wanted, and settled for 9.2km in 1:08 hr at a pace of mostly 7.5min/km.

Found a bunny pacer when i was into my 4km, he crossed the road into my path about 50m ahead. i maintained my pace and slowly caught up with him. As he heard steps behind him, he started to pick up his pace, but i had already decided run a fast one down the narrow 300m so that i didnt have to worry about him on my tail after overtaking him. And OFF I WENT, sprinting down at easily a 5min/km pace and left him in my dust.

As i turned into the beginning of the canal from the road, i slowed down and walked a little, preparing for my second lap. The bunny caught me finally and sprinted away and i lost sight of him. I caught my breathe and started running too, finally having him in my sight at less than 200m ahead about 1km in, catching him again at about half km before the turn around at the end of the canal. He looked startled! not that i was trying anything... I went all the way to the end to the road, while he turned promptly at the 2km mark. Instead of doing the outside loop again, i decided a 180 degree turn around back to the canal too as the sky as getting dark.

And inexplicably i caught him again at the return, around 400m towards the start point. This time, he sprinted away from me as soon as i passed him in my normal pace, I wasnt planning to sprint after him as i was into my warm down stretch.

WHAT FUN! well, for me lah, dunno how he felt... giggles*



It was a mad mad mad weekend.
4 parties from Fri night to Sun afternoon.

10-Nov-06 (Fri)

Received an invite to go for a Smirnoff event with tie-in with the latest James Bond Movie : Casino Royale.

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Did you know that Smirnoff is the supposedly THE volka ingredient in the martini (shaken, not stirred) that James Bond drinks?

More James Bond Trivia:
- Daniel Craig is the first Blond James Bond?
- He is also the shortest at 1.8m?

ok, i got carried away there... and i'm not even a James Bond fan, just a Sean Connery fan... and it was not even a good party...

The event was held at New Asia Bar, part of the Equinox Complex. We were told to "dress to impress" and we tried, lah. I even brought clothes to change after office hours, now that I've a mobile wardrobe... :D

You'd think that a "James Bond" themed party is supposed to be classy... Unfortunately, the party was underwhelming and anything but:
- the darn place was over-crowded
- there were no free drinks
- the drinks that we had ordered (on 1-for-1 offer) were slow in coming, adding insult to injury
- there were no tie-in drinks (martini took too long for the short-handed staff to contoct)
- there was no tie-in in the music to the theme of James Bond, cant understand it cos there are so many iconic scores and tunes from so many James Bond movies
- the props were cheap-looking
- the James Bond cut-out looked too short, and i dont understand why didnt they depict him holding a martini in 1 hand, and a gun in another, seeing that is is the volka they are promoting?!
- they were stopping the music with full lights on to play stupid games
- the motley-crew guests were dressed in all sorts, including jeans + polo. even sighting a dish of Adam Chen didnt eleviate the eye-sore

at the end, you wonder what WAS the point of the event? is there a POINT?

We managed to get to the VIP area on level 2 eventually when some of the crowds cleared and had access to the free booze (volka + cranberry + orange juice = yum) after 11pm.

but i was only allowed 1 (ONE!!!!) drink on the account that i will be driving, 2 willing and ready back-up drivers not withstanding. damn... the night was gonna be long....

Eventually we made our way out at 1245am, and went for bah kut teh supper at breo cresent.

Reached home at 230am after sending the girls home.


11-Nov-06 (Sat)

Mad rush to get out of the house in time to pick up my VM race kit from Raffles City and then to arrive at M & AL's wedding at 6pm at Havelock Road. Held so early becos they were holding the solemnistation and tea ceremony before the dinner, and it was going to be a small intimate affair of less than 80pp so anybody late will be darn obvious...

We managed to get there in time, and the cocktail started promptly.

The small intimate ceremony got off at 630pm and buffet dinner was served at 645pm. Most pp had finished the dinner by 730pm, and all were drinking continously. M being the 2nd last bachelor of the group, the guys were there to drink to his marriage.

I had only 2 white wine, anticipating that i'll have to drive us home.

By the time the party ended at 945pm (more than TWO SOLID HOURS of drinking!) the groom was emotional over his blessed union with his wife, and the bride was giggly, and the parents were more than a little pissed with the unrelenting drinking.

In the end, i did drive home. After a week of the March, the Focus's steering felt tight and heavy, but no incident. Other than me screaming at E for playing waaaay too loudly with the kids.... oops.

All told. S.O.P.


12-Nov-06 (Part-1)

A lunch to celebrate niece K's birthday at 大上海 at King's Center.

The food was surprising good, compared to our previous outings there, helped perhaps by my sis ordering food different from the same-old-stuff that my parents always orders. The fried eel in honey sauce, deep fried pork knackles were especially memorable.

The kids had a whale of a time playing the restuarant as it was not crowded, and we sat at a table were there were ample room to play.

12-Nov-06 (Part-2)

Immediately after, it was baby S-A's 1st birthday at a private event held at MOF (Ministry of Food) at My Izakawa at Center Stage at Marina Square. quite a mouthfull, that. But trust me, knowing the whole phrase saves you lots of grief when finding it.

Parking was almost impossible due to the motor show at Suntec, but we were lucky as we managed to tail a family who were leaving the carpark, getting a lot in less than 5min and reached the cafe at 3pm. Other friends were not so lucky and waited up to 30min or even gave up to park at esplanade.

The place was jam-packed (another overcrowded event!), a testimony to the popularity of the proud parents. There was catered food, and free flow of drinks and deserts (just order from the waiters) as the cafe was booked for the private event.

We were stuffed from the lunch, and only order an ice-cream desert, 1 coffee and 1 ocha. so we didnt try try out the no-MSG, no-preservatives food.

Cake-cutting was at 4pm, and we left, fully exhausted at 420pm and vacating our place for other pp to take the seats.

the kids passed out in the drive to Ghim Moh from all the excitement.

i felt like doing the same. thank goodness i didnt have to drive...



Thursday, November 09, 2006

OH shucks!!! and rambling thoughts abt driving

Went for a 5+ km+ jog at Ulu Pandan canal last evening with T and then a 40 storey climb at one of Ghim Moh's point blocks. The original plan was a slow 9+ km but had to change because T was late, he had never gone above 6km and his pace was too fast for me. (we finished 5.2km in slightly less than 30min...)

On hindsight, it may not have been wise to train with T as he was a regular 5km runner, trying 10km at the SCSM 06 for the first time. But i wanted company, especially at the late evening hour and we did promise to train with each other. BUT he does not believe in rehydrating during the run/ climbing, thus delaying my purchase of 100+ till the end of the run and 40 storeys climb which probably caused a delay in my recovery after the exercise....

i thought "no matter...." and took a shower and quick bite before driving to pick up the kids.

and here's where the OH SHUCKS come in...

it was past 8pm, drizzling and dark as I drove on the slightly unfamiliar roads, i had a headache not helped by the strong glare of head lights from cars behind in my mirrors, and i must have been too tired to concentrate on the road properly, as I was horned at 3 times.

All in, quite a harrowing experience, certainly the worst driving trip i've had. After we picked up the kids, i still had the drive home to contend with, thankfully it went without incident as I kept mostly to the left or center lanes.

Reached home with a SPLITTING headache, and a small wish for days old where i didnt have a car, no responsibility! but it is too late to comtemplate all that, isnt it? :(


So today is a brand new day.

Had to attend a meeting and a seminar, not driving is not an option. i just had to be thick-skinned and drive on, 硬着头皮 in a sense

Drove to office in town from home, and then from office to Revenue House, and then from there to office in Jurong.

At the start of each journey, i sat in the car to study the road maps for a good few minutes before driving off, luckily with no incidents, even in the heavy downpours throughout the day.


My thoughts on driving.

if only everybody
driving will be safer and a more pleasant experience for everyone.

but those are my thoughts today, ask me again about road idiots a year from now.... ;p


it had only been 6 days since i collected my car, and in 4 days of driving on work days, i've clocked 300km+... i can only get better, right? :)


Monday, November 06, 2006

parking idiots

will it be shallow to say that i try to park as perfectly in a lot so that i'll never be featured in parkingidiots.blogspot.com?

but maybe i'll print some of these parking idiots labels to use on other pp....

but but but later car kenna scratched how ah?


Saturday, November 04, 2006

I collected my new ride!!!

oh my goodness. the nissan march is the perfect car for me.

the steering is just nice, unlike the focus which is too heavy for me and it feels like i'm wrestling a monster on the road (not that that stops me from driving fast... :p )

the size of controls and every thing is me-sized :)

it is easy to manuover and park

i have so much more confidence driving this than the ford. possibly because if anything happened, i only have to fork out $ and dont have to endure a scolding from E. :P

marchie-owners in sgforummers keep talking about the dark-side which means personalising or modifying the march (legally or illegally)

i'm oh-so-tempted, but i'll need to read up more and think about whether it is worth the money to do so... whether in performance or just looks...

in the mean time, i'm happy.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Last day as a public-transport user

Made a special effort to catch E's car out to take the train to work. Seeing that i'll be collecting my car tomorrow, and it may be awhile before i take public transport to work again.

- no more strategising on where to stand for max personal space, max grab pole advantage, least B.O. victimization, and least chance of accidental bumps from others.

it is a whole hog-wash of emotions really, not just a sense of "YAY! i'm out of the public transport grind", but a mixture of i-will-miss's and thank-goodness-i-dont-have-to's

The I-WILL-MISS's first then, not just as a public user, but also being driven by E:

- catching a nap on the morning train if and when i get a seat, preferably the side away from alighting doors, and the corner seat where my right is against the corner.

- reading on the trains/ taxis, newspaper, magazines, books, or work, i guess i read at least a third of all my stuff using these down times.

- drinking!!!

- talking to E and the kiddies on way home every night. This, i will miss the most.

On the other hand, the THANK-GOODNESS-I-DONT-HAVE-TOs are:

- no worries about lugging tons of grocery and shopping home on the train becos it was impossible to get a taxi in town

- no more waiting forever for taxis whether in endless taxi queues or on hold forever trying to book a cab (when I'm desperate enough to not care about the booking fee), while endless cabs with on-call signs speed by

- no more multi-mode transports that takes twice the travel time required compared to driving end-to-end, becos of waiting time and multiple-stops.

- no more getting frustrated with inconsiderate behaviors like pp who dont give up their seats for the old, the pregnant and the very young; pp who play their radio/ mp3/ handphone too loudly; pp who wrap themselves around, lean against grab poles; pp who push into the trains without waiting for pp to alight; pp who do not move to the center of the car; pp who stick their legs out when sitting; pp who talk loudly on their handphones; pp who....

these will all have to be balanced against the I-WILL-HAVE-TO's though:

- no more talking the train to Tanglin, shop, walk to the other end of Orchard Road and just hopping on the train to go home. Gonna have to strategise where to park the car to minimise car park charges and maximise convenience.
- strategise on driving at peak hour cos there will be jams on the road at peak hours, none on the train unless there had been an accident on the track.
- learn to park better and quicker ;p

- learn to take care of my own car in terms of maintenance etc

- be responsible, no drinking and driving.

- give pp lifts, within reason :)

at the end of the day, i'm lucky to get my own ride. Very lucky.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lagi Happy Thoughts

Confirmation that my sherry silver march will be ready for collection tomorrow night.

But i'll settle for collection on sat morning.





GE 10K - Race Day 31-Oct-06

E was out the night before a mah session with his friends. promising to return by 3am or so.

I had work (housework, work-work and getting ready for the race) to do and didnt manage to get to bed till 330am. not the best way to prepare for a race, but oh well.

I woke up at 550am before my alarm went off at 6am. and to my surprise that E wasnt home yet! did he meet with some accident? called his hp frantically only to learn that he was "finishing" and will be home by 630am.

upset, but went about having my breakfast and feeding the kids their milk, and packing their day-out bag. E got home at 638am. and i flew out of the house in a huff.

There were other pp waiting for cab! no, didnt look like they were going to the GE 10k... good grief... i was too cheap to call for a cab, so i went over to the other side of the road to try my luck and finally got 1 close to 7am.

we reached esplanade drive at 720am, just 10min before flag off. i walked around and didnt see any water points, and made my way to the pen. i was travelling light, with everything i need in my raceready pants. my SE W800i, tissue paper, a plastic wallet with some cash, a credit card, a bank card, plaster and blister plaster.

AND OFF we go! no time for warm up or stretches, i limbered up a little as we made towards the start point. The weather is really good, no haze at all, not much breeze and a overcast sky. I felt good, i felt safe. there was no jostling as in other competitive events, and no leery men. Just a pang of jealousy when i saw other men and kids urging their lady runners on. but thats alright, i'm used to running alone.

the route was esplanade drive, Nicoll Highway, Stadium Road, Stadium Drive, Nicoll Highway, Republic Avenue, Republic Boulevard, Marina Pronmenade Park, Raffles Quay, U-turn at Shenton Way, Fullerton Road ending at St. Andrew’s Road.

it was an easy LSD for me, no pressure. though the heat eventually got to me. i drank as much as i could and splash water on my face, neck and limbs at every water point. some might have trickled into my socks cos i developed a blister at 6km on the left instep. i stopped and applied blister pack but it was too late... it was already a full-blown blister by then.

otherwise, it was a really nice run. there were little to worry about jostling, not with so few of us running, just about 2750 for the 10km.

when we came down the esplanade pronmenade park, we heard loud music, but alas, we had to go down shenton way and u-turn to fullerton road then back to st. andrews again. that was abit demoralising, to have been hyped up only to realise that you are just passing the end point en-route before coming back. ie. running away from the end point, and then running back again. DUH!

there was no clock at the end point, but i thought i managed a 1:23:15 from my stopwatch. exchanged my champion chip for the medal, then had a drink, a banana and an orange while queueing up for massage. chatted with the ladies around me and pointed them to SgRunners if they wanted run info or running companions.

For the massage, we had a choice of lava-hot, very hot, hot and cold. i chose cold. good.

breakfast at ah-kun at funan with E and the kids and headed home for a nap. :)



1. my official chip time was 1:23:34, terrible compared my Sentosa Real Run last year, but different circumstances. i'll take it. :)

2. Regina signed up at SgRunners and pm'd me hi, nice. :)

3. Decided not to join the 2nd link run on 12-Nov-06. A wedding dinner the night before, and a birthday party the day's tea time. The 10km is also too short for my SCSM half marathon buildup. I'll run a LSD after the party that day instead. Save me $10. ;)


Ho Chi Minh 26 ~ 27 Oct 2006 Part 1


Met up with lawyers, good meeting. but really expensive. half of them probably for their posh office in the posh building.

Interviewed 2 GMs, 2 Sales Managers, 1 Sales Engineer. all CMI inspite of their impressively padded resumes. in fact one of the GMs cant even speak english, though he says in Vietnamnese that he is fluent in French... sigh~* Gonna have to hire a headhunter liao.

Interviewed 4 accountants. Selected 1 accountant and 1 for sales admin position.

work done. sneaked a 30min run in the gym. the first time ever in my entire work-life that i have ever managed this feat. All the factors coming in together.
- the hotel has a gym
- i have a pass to the gym (staying in executive floor)
- i have the gear
- i have the time
so so so happy. just 30min and it meant the world to me. :)

Dinner. at the Chinese restuarant where the local captain speaks cantonese. AGAIN. no local, no snake? pout.

5 bottles of red between 8 of us during dinner.

3 and 1/4 bottles of cordon-bleu at the disco between the 8 of us the the disco where nobody dances. 3 of us teetotaller, none of them me. hic* the GROs speak better mandarin than english, says better business... ah...


i found out that the only guaranteed way to not have a hangover is...
dont drink so much.

LOL. since that is near impossible, the only other impossibility being DONT DRINK.

the only way is to drink lots of water between drinks, and to drink as much water as possible before knocking out. it is already too late to try to re-hydrate by the time you wake up in the morning.

more meetings, and Japanese lunch.

ARGH, flight delayed from 1715 to 1845. apparrently the flight out from SG to HCM had to return due to mechanical fault, resulting in all passengers having to board another plane to HCM. better safe than sorry i suppose.

we went for a full hour's worth of foot and shoulder/ head massage at the airport, and then sat for a solid 2 hours at the airport cafe trading travel and drunken stories, shamelessly nursing our US$2 coffee. even smuggling snacks out from the priority lounge for the rest of them.

When we finally did get on to the plane, after lugging my luggage up the staircase to the flight deck, there were no hot towels, and the KrisWorld was down. Damn. thank goodness i always travel with at least 1 book. we were given a gift of apology from SQ when we arrived all bearry-eyed in Changi at close to 11pm. we at economy received a leather passport holder (S$32 from KrisShop) and boss at first class received a US$100 voucher for use in Changi... cool. Then we realised that the apologies was for the breakdown in Krisworld, not for the flight delay. LOL.


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