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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy 10th ROM Anniversary - Celebrating

The Bad
- He's out playing golf now

The Ugly
- My dad asked him to

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

- We're having dinner

- At My Humber House @ Esplanade Jade @ Fullerton (change of plans cos Leng didnt approve of MHH)

- With TL$179 tung lok first points to offset the bill


Happy 10th ROM Anniversary

10 years.
I'll do it again in a heart beat.


Friday, June 22, 2007

hunger pangs

those new size 25 jeans are almost falling off my non-existent ass... and i'm hungry.

Almost every day this week i've experience urgent hunger pangs that make me shake and want to faint:
- twice while OT'ing at work becos i forgot to buy food for afternoon tea,
- twice just before bedtime at 2am becos i probably didnt eat enough at dinner (or there wasnt enough dinner to eat),
- and once when i woke up hungry.

Cant understand why, i've been eating mostly normally: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner (maybe too late) and a supper plus miscellaneous fruits and snacks...

especially considering i have not moved a single muscle yet.

does stress burn more energy?

how about being angry?

do i have worms in my stomach?

my famous words "a hungry woman is an angry woman" and my family and co-workers (even my boss) knows that when i'm hungry, i cant think and cant be made to work, i will not humor anybody for whatever and will quickly lose my temper.

which is the same reason why i've never seriously attempted any diet voluntarily, except restricted food diet when i had GD during pregancy, and when i had to undergo medical procedures. I just CAN'T.

it is getting so bad that i'm thinking of stashing food in my car. Just in case.

Must be something that can withstand heat - no chocolate
Must be able non-perishable - no "real" food
Must be not-messy - no crumbly biskuit stuff

Maybe i'll just get Energy Gels.

if they work on the run, they must work on the road too.


Thursday, June 21, 2007


Went for lunch in a kopitiam in Jurong and while looking for a table, was held up by 2 groups of women who bumped into each other coincidentally.

"哇! 好久没见, 你胖很多hor?"
"Wah! long time no see, you put on so much weight ah?"

"是咯, 你也不瘦leh"
"Yeah, you also not so slim yourself leh"

damn. some kind of friends.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Dio Tao Biao" loh!


Received a call on Mon just after lunch on my handphone.


Check Caller ID


*wah lao, must be another Credit Card/ Cash Transfer/ boh-liao call*


Good Afternoon M'am. I am calling from the National Day Parade Organisers.


Yes M'am. Congratulations!

I got the tickets to the actual day? (I had entered my family of 4 for 4 chances at 4 tickets on actual day)

Yes M'am. 4 tickets to the actual day. May I check the IC number with you please?


T04******, I believe this is a very young lady?

Yes! My younger daughter

Please have a pen and paper ready for the collection details. 23-6-07 ~ 2-7-07 10am ~ 8pm at Marina Square Atrium @ Level 2. Please bring along BirthCert for your daughter and your NRIC.

Sure! Thanks! Er... Thanks for the Call! You are going to be making many more calls? Please drink lots of water... *maternal blabbering flowing out from happiness there*

Thanks M'am. (so nice these army boys :D )


First parade at the bay!
Tattoo transfer on the face!
Red T-shirts!

Here we come!

p/s. I read that it is 1 in 8 chance of getting tickets this year. woo-hoo!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Air horn again

oh good grief. The air horn is back in my ear.

This time my regular doc has gone on 2 weeks leave (it IS the school holidays) and an old school locum has given me red pills for "running nose" and they knocked me every night.

But it is uneasy sleep, with vivid dreams about carry ons in my life right now.

Unfortunately i dont wake up from these terribly scary (not the monster scary, but the you've been black listed scary) and sad dreams (nobody died but you have no more friends anyway).

I just drift from one terrible dream to another.

Even when i do wake, i have a hard time deciding if those were indeed dreams or my life just before i fell asleep.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

not OVER

It seems almost as soon as the dream had started, it was over.

I had re-evaulated my:

1. Fitness level - alright but nothing fantastic, 2.5km no prob though i dont know what is it going to feel like doing that same 2.5km AFTER the swim and bike legs.

2. Swim competence level - cant swim free-style properly (cos i belong to the kenna-throw-in-pool-so-swim school), my breast stroke and back stroke are ok but havent swam a full length in over 5 years = 375m in pool already problem , in open sea major problem.

Swimming is more technical than brute strength (of which i also dont have lah...), and i strongly believe in 欺山莫欺水 (unlike being in a mountain, there is no recourse if troubles arise in the waters).

It is much more responsible to tri (or do anything for that matter) when well equipped/ trained than to hazard a tri on a whim.

3. Bike competence level - no bike, no helmet, no road biking experience = 10km lagi major problem

4. Time commitments = already doing 2.5 jobs (1 being covering for staff on maternity leave, 1 being my own work, and 0.5 being work in the subsidiary and overseas companies)

5. Family commitments = wife and mother of 2 small kids. 'nuff said.

6. Financial commitments = i have all the running gear, none of the biking and swimming gear. I "can" afford the gear but i need to know what kind of mileage i'm going to get out of them.

So at the end of the day = there is no way i can do the mini of Swim 375m, Bike 10km, Run 2.5km in Triladies this Sept.

Even if I kill myself going for both swim and bike class for 12 weeks from now till tri-date, and forsake all semblance of family/ social life in the mean time. I dont think there will be much fun if you cant take time to enjoy the learning and the experience especially if you also cross the finish line all battered and bruised. No?

But it is not OVER over.

Just a postponment to 2008 or 2009 depending on #3 plans come through or not.

I'm starting my tri adventure by looking for an adult swimming class :)

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Friday, June 01, 2007


bike as in the bicycle leg of a triathlon.

did a bit of research and found that:

- i should use my own bike for the triladies triathlon training. If I rent, i may not get the same bike and that will hamper the training.

- a decent no frills bike cost +/-S$1,000.00 MINIMUM

For 1, i dont have that kind of money to spend,

for 2, i dont know if i will continue biking (enough) to justify such a purchase. i mean $5/km or even $1/km is crazy.

for 3, this is money ON TOP of tri registration, bike training, swim training, swimming costume, googles, helmet (free swimming cap courtesy of FL) and thats already almost S$1k... can die.

Alternative is buy a dirt-cheap one like FL told me to try from carefour, or rent from a reputable bike shop like bikehaus but dunno how much IF they have 1 for my XS size. I'll probably need a bike rack for my car too...

Now you know why my favourite exercise is running: You can start with the minimal basics of just a pair of shoes plus any old t-shirt and shorts, socks optional.

And suddenly there is this explosion of bike-related news (Tampines trial on allowing bikes on footpath) and blog posts (Jeff , Mr. Brown)

Triladies triathlon registration now open liao leh!

how how how?

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