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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


gosh~! i'm so glad to be in the office... some peace and quiet and rest (heehee) at last.

The last few days have been a whirl of activities... and i must be the only person to lose weight during CNY (okay, i know there are still 11 days to go... but still!).

anyways, a recap.

26-1-05 Reunion Dinner
had to rush to change E's shirt from M to L, and get assorted things done (including getting the W800i :D BIG GRIN! )
with E's family. steam boat. YUM.

27-1-05 Company dinner.
it was supposed to be a year-end dinner postponed from last year, and now that it is JANUARY, we had to call it a "reunion dinner"

was held at grand coptorne waterfront. ordered lou-hei in late afternoon and stressed out the banquet manager and chef, cos the hotel doesnt have a restuarant, and all food were served direct from the kitchen who ordered only just enough for the day. *roll eyes* taunted them to order from Cystal Jade from Great World City. luckily they managed to pull it off.

a wonderful surprise cos while we were tucking into the yu-sheng, our room had a direct view of the fireworks over chinatown. cool~! and my boss cracked that the fireworks was sponsored by the company, and you should see our company initials in the fireworks any time soon. HAHAHA.

there were only 28 of us, half tee-totallers, and the rest of us finished a 20l barrel of beer, and 7 bottles of black label, AND that was only the first round...

we then walked over to a KTV, where more drinks followed, i escaped most of the second round when i had to help take care of a colleague who was down...
zzz at 4am

28-1-05 Reunion Dinner
with my mom. home made budha jumped over the wall. ermmmmm.... weird.

quick work in printing out the angpow game plan, and packed all in the night while we shou-sui.
zzz at 3am

29-1-05 CNY Day 1
was at MIL's, and everybody came over to visit. too many pp too little room. and then more visiting.

Dinner at Marina Mandarin, no time to eat while entertaining the kids. Had to slapped Kiddy E's thigh when she put her foot on the table, after i explicitly told her not to put her foot on the chair. she held her tears until E came along, and she started howling. sigh~*
zzz at 2am

30-1-05 CNY Day 2
more visiting. including to cousin J's house, a departure from norm which is held at cousin C's house. sad story that. and the resulting effect was everybody wished me and E a sweet and successful marriage on top of good health and prosperity. AND i took care to not mention that to cousin J, wishing her good health and fillial kids and success in their studies. sigh~*

E went mahjong for the evening, and brought kiddy E. Then he made a quick trip back to bring her home for milk and zzz. heard he made a killing to the tune of $300. must start planning simi valentine present i want liao. :D
I took care of both kiddies, and did housework. oops, i didnt have dinner. ok. bak kwa :)
zzz at 130am.

31-1-05 CNY Day 3
dressed Baby J in a pretty white cotton dress with red dragon flies, and that beautiful sight lasted only 10mins. cos she got hold of a red market, and proceeded to draw on her dress, her hands, her thighs and her sister's thigh. ARGGH.

mom's open house. more pp, more saying of good things and exchange of kum and angpow. phew.

finally got the kids to take a nap, unfortunately baby J woke up when she fell off the bed.... !!!
zzz at 2am, but with lots of interruptions. Kiddy E complaining of stomachache (mama, my stomach so big becos i ate so much, tomorrow i dont want to eat so much okaaaay?), and Baby J was thirsty throughout the nite.

yawnz. back to work. ah~ bliss.

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