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Friday, August 12, 2005

missing the workouts

its been 4 days since my last run, and i'm missing it terribly.

i havent been (really) sick, but been exceptionally tired from living on ice over the last weekend, and taking care of the family on national day. slept like a log over the last 3 nites, almost succumbed to the flu tho i starved it off with a combi of vit-c, lots of water, and zzz. the emotional roller-coaster ride on 050810 didnt help.

wanted to run tonight, then the SPUG meet up was arranged.
wanted to meetup with the gang and put faces to nicks, then MIL's going to genting tonite and need me to be back early.

haiz. ok lor.

tomorrow. i wanna do a 8-9km, hopefully a 10km, no matter how slow.

yup. tomorrow.


Hey, better take good good rest first before you attempt to do any running. No good for health if you are not entirely recovered. :)

The gathering was good, lotsa of talk cock as usual. Makan, chat, go home. :)
turn out that i didnt run over the weekend after all, was too late on sat, and sun the breakin, couldnt function properly.
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