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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Run 050808

Started 7:25pm. 5.5km 43:36min at SK after work. thought of going for either a slow 7.4 or a fast 5.5km or a very fast 3.7km. in the end went for 5.5km and speed was just so-so, tho still an improvement over the Run 050803. Marathon finishing at 5:57hr at this rate. haiz.

kept thinking about the slower than expected timing since i was hoping to finish 5.5km at 39min+ based on Run 050806. possibly becos of tired after work and too many pedastrians at sidewalk, and carpark entrance/ exits along the route. But it was much cooler in the nite with nice breeze going. carbon monoxide couldnt have been good tho :(

- old sports bra. not so comfy as the new. The new with y-back helps with good posture also.
- asics socks, a little too thick and warm
- nike "passion for speed" dri-fit t good.
- spandex shorts. too warm.


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