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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Run 050821

Started 5:30pm. 8.0km 1:05:58hr at UP Canal. Marathon finishing at 5:11hr 5:42:50 at this rate. wow. almost too good to be true actually i think it IS too good to be true after factoring the wall. i had wanted to try for a 10km but thot not since this 8km would have been my longest in a while, and i had taken a 13 day break since 050808, not wise to rush too far too fast.

it was drizzling lightly almost throughout the run, was cool and refreshing for a change. in fact, my first (voluntary) run in the rain. the raindrops were fat and sparse, i can almost imagine them as snowflakes :lol: makes me think very hard about trying to run when in Japan next month, but gotta get some kind of map first :D

kept worrying about whether the place would be too deserted to run safely when returning on the 1st 4km, but i kept seeing pp every 100m or so, thot it ought to be ok and went for the second round of 4km. :)

What's different : i carried a bottle of 500ml of water. run 6 min walk (in stretching big steps) 1 min with a big gulp of water. the running with a water bottle wasnt as funny/ tough as i had thought. just remember to switch hand, and didnt affect my posture too much. but the bottle must be the tall slim type or gripping a fat bottle will be very uncomfortable. i actually finished 400ml after the 8km, i'm thinking maybe the catalyst with 8 ounce reservoir isnt going to be enough. maybe a bigger one? maybe BOTH? :D :D :D

What's bad, had some rubbing between inner step with socks to shoe (?) maybe need to apply something there so change tension or lacing method to prevent movement inside shoe (although I am not aware of it), and the raindrops splashing right into my eye, blinding me for a milisec, must bring cap next time. oh wait, i dont have a running cap, i will reward myself with 1 when i finish the NBRR :D

oh goodness, NBRR is next sun!


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