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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Run 050803

A run around the blocks at my estate is about 1.86km based on estimates from car odometer and my Nike Tailwind SDM.

went for 3 rounds (about 5.5km) last nite. the longest in awhile. it was good, especially when adults and kids gave way to me just by having noticed me running towards/ behind them. i suppose the heavy "clank" of my foot striking the metal drain covers helped :D 1 guy even held his cigarette away but i held my breath anyway ;)

except for 2 incidents. an aunty carrying loads of plastic bags who was staring at the ground, this one boh-pian. but that couple who took up the whole pavement by holding hands and swinging them, and carrying huge bags on their other arms. grrrrrl.

started 730pm, 49min (not proud, but what mattered was the distance at this time, gonna do a 6-7 km this sat/sun), giving me a pace of 6.73km/hr . At this rate i'll finish the SCSM at 6:27hr. Can die, road closure ends 6hrs after start time... gotta train more and build up speed and stamina, make every session count since i'm so late and short on time.

suppose i have the excuse of wrong gear though. Wore the new sports-bra, dri-fit bossini shirt, raceready shorts and adidas run liners.
- Sports-bra was alright, need to season in a few wash-wear cycles
- bossini shirt, great!
- raceready shorts, cut a little too high for my liking but worked ok, especially nice to have all those pockets
- adidas run liners. disaster. started ok but then noticed that my right foot didnt land right, switched to run anti-clockwise after 1 round. worst, but feet landed funny, and knees and hips compensating awkwardly. bad. notice at end of second round that my feet were slip-shoding around in the shoes becos the socks were too thin, and then becos they were cut so low, the front of my ankle was rubbing against the shoe label (sewn at the bottom of the tongue). persisted for 3 rounds and gave up. front of right ankle was raw and alightly swollen by then. ouch. now what? wear the liner under normal socks next time or to write them off?

more gear to consider:
- shades
- cap
- mp3 player?


Hey Janet, if you are considering having a mp3 player that you can strap onto your arm while running ... tell me.

My brother won a Nike/Philip mp3run player that straps early this year, but been collecting dust. I can show it to you this sunday.

You dont have to buy from him but let you have a feel if it is suitable so that you can get from other places for a brand new one too. :)

thanks for the thot, but i've seen it and it is way too big for me :)

i might still think abt it, go check it out again since your bro's mp3 player IS collecting dust... :D

thinking of this tho:
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