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Friday, August 26, 2005

snuffy nose

oh bummer, must have caught a chill sleeping in aircon room last nite. snuffy and drippy nose, gritty eyes and a sore throat coming up. and the NBRR is 2 days away... gotta get well soon. gonna eat lots and drink lots of fluid (ginseng tea, vit c effervescent drink, water and everything).

will skip that jog tonight if all these drinking and eating doesnt make me feel better, and bundle myself up in a warm blanket to watch "Extreme Makeover" or some such crappy but irresistable reality show and read my Stephen King book (due tomorrow)

*sniff* *sniff*


Rest more so that can get healthy faster.

Enjoy your book.
thanks paddy :)

didnt get to rest in the end, cos had to OT. but managed to take some left-over med from before, and got well enuf to run the NBRR :D
You hang on there girl... no problem one with your determinations :)
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