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Saturday, August 20, 2005

NBRR bib W0 0445

Went to pick up the NBRR bib collection at 1pm at Toa Payoh Sports for Life center. Very cool, came with yellow bib, 4 mini safety pins (awwww..... so thoughtful), and a race chip + cable tie.

Was hoping to run into pp from SgRunners, and i only recognised Carine (who was there with her bf) when i was trying the NB W1060WC. Jumped up and said "Hi! Excuse Me? Are you Carine?" haha, hope i didnt startle her :D

Bought the NB W1060WC size 6 at $140, should be good for training runs and rotation with my current NB. also a NEAT 3B to prevent chaffing and sweat rash. Hasnt happened to me yet, but it might as I add on the miles.

no chance to run since it is Mom's birthday and dinner. tomorrow. really.


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