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Monday, August 08, 2005

Run 050806

Started 5:30pm. Did a long 7.4km at ulu pandan canal. wanted to do a min 6 km and max 8km, so i guess 7.4km wasnt bad at all. Took me 53:26min at a delibrately slow pace. Works out to 5:03hr pace for the marathon. Much improvement from 050803's run :)

need to longer ones, and other shorter ones at a faster pace.

- sportsbra ok
- pink bossini sleeveless not so drifit. embarrassing patches
- nike shorts, not very comfortable on long runs
- 100 plus at the end of it seems to help, no aches the next day, or was it becos of the thorough stretching i did?

hoping to do the SBR&AHM but dunno whether i can gear up to it by then and complete without injury..


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