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Monday, August 15, 2005

Office broken in

office was broken into on 050813 nite. i've lost my
- Sony PEG-Nx80 Serial # 7002114 pda with cradle + 512 MB MS + 512 MB CF + stylus-pen + book style leather case
- T68i without sim card
- 256MB thumbdrive
- Seidio retractable sync charge cable
- USB hub

other stuff lost
- 2 laptops
- a few bottles of hard liquor (including a blue label)
- a gold plated fu-lu-shou statue set
- petty cash box with $1101.xx
- a digital camera

apparently, the thieves came over the fence, broke open a window on the first level, and progressively went to break all the doors in their way, including a glass door and the dept door to my office, and broke into drawers and cabinets.

the police came and they said they have little to work on since there were no security camera, and finger prints (if any) were only useful if they compared to a known criminal's records.

couldnt eat and sleep properly after hearing the news, least of all, to go running. especially not after i bumped my head against the edge of the cupboard (looking for the old t68i box for the imei #) so hard that i saw stars and nearly fell over. and the bump on my head can still be felt now. need panadol.


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