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Thursday, August 11, 2005


I dont know how is it possible. i wake up early, work, run, sleep late, repeat. and i actually feel like i have more energy then before.

is it becos:
- i'm getting fitter? (fat % at 1st thing in the morning down from all time high of 30% to 25.5% today)
- i'm sleeping better? (actually, not really better since too much going on in the head)
- the adrenaline rush? (if this is true, then this must be a hellava long rush since my last run was 3 days ago.)
- i'm eating better? (ermmm... not really tho i try, i really do!)
- the vitamins? (only vit-c on & off, royal jelly started this morning, brands + glucosamine on & off)

i dunno, suppose any of the combi. right direction anyways. cant ask for more, except maybe more hours in a day.

anyways, gotta do one tonite if i wanna meet up with the spug pp tomorrow.


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