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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ho Chi Minh 26 ~ 27 Oct 2006 Part 1


Met up with lawyers, good meeting. but really expensive. half of them probably for their posh office in the posh building.

Interviewed 2 GMs, 2 Sales Managers, 1 Sales Engineer. all CMI inspite of their impressively padded resumes. in fact one of the GMs cant even speak english, though he says in Vietnamnese that he is fluent in French... sigh~* Gonna have to hire a headhunter liao.

Interviewed 4 accountants. Selected 1 accountant and 1 for sales admin position.

work done. sneaked a 30min run in the gym. the first time ever in my entire work-life that i have ever managed this feat. All the factors coming in together.
- the hotel has a gym
- i have a pass to the gym (staying in executive floor)
- i have the gear
- i have the time
so so so happy. just 30min and it meant the world to me. :)

Dinner. at the Chinese restuarant where the local captain speaks cantonese. AGAIN. no local, no snake? pout.

5 bottles of red between 8 of us during dinner.

3 and 1/4 bottles of cordon-bleu at the disco between the 8 of us the the disco where nobody dances. 3 of us teetotaller, none of them me. hic* the GROs speak better mandarin than english, says better business... ah...


i found out that the only guaranteed way to not have a hangover is...
dont drink so much.

LOL. since that is near impossible, the only other impossibility being DONT DRINK.

the only way is to drink lots of water between drinks, and to drink as much water as possible before knocking out. it is already too late to try to re-hydrate by the time you wake up in the morning.

more meetings, and Japanese lunch.

ARGH, flight delayed from 1715 to 1845. apparrently the flight out from SG to HCM had to return due to mechanical fault, resulting in all passengers having to board another plane to HCM. better safe than sorry i suppose.

we went for a full hour's worth of foot and shoulder/ head massage at the airport, and then sat for a solid 2 hours at the airport cafe trading travel and drunken stories, shamelessly nursing our US$2 coffee. even smuggling snacks out from the priority lounge for the rest of them.

When we finally did get on to the plane, after lugging my luggage up the staircase to the flight deck, there were no hot towels, and the KrisWorld was down. Damn. thank goodness i always travel with at least 1 book. we were given a gift of apology from SQ when we arrived all bearry-eyed in Changi at close to 11pm. we at economy received a leather passport holder (S$32 from KrisShop) and boss at first class received a US$100 voucher for use in Changi... cool. Then we realised that the apologies was for the breakdown in Krisworld, not for the flight delay. LOL.


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