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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Oldest Guy Friend

Ran into Mike while queueing up to collect my SCSM 2006 half marathon race kit.

Okay, not RAN, ran into, cos he was like, in the next queue for the full marathon. But after shuffling and reading while in a 20min queue in the zig-zag line, i looked up and i saw him, unmistakable, down to the 2x4 crew cut.

I shouted his name, and when i didnt get a response, i shouted his name and surname, if he didnt, i would have shouted his FULL NAME too... but he did. He turned, waved and had to shuffle the other direction to his line.

He got his race kit first and waited for me, and we caught up over a drink at Starbucks.

It had been a cool 12-13-14 years(?) since we last met. serious. i cant remember whether it was at West Coast Park, or at Changi Airport, but i asked him out for a chat as i was feeling low, knowing that i didnt have to say much, and he'd always make me laugh.

we knew each other from NCC even though we were from different secondary schools. We ended in the same JC but different faculties. Then he went to USA for studies on a scholarship, and during his 2.5 years there, we wrote each other almost twice every month, on SNAIL MAIL (i still have those letters). hello~ no internet then hor....

Then he came back, served his NS and then we met up a couple of times, and then we lost touch.

and then we caught up over a tea and a coffee. what we did, what we doing now, how's the family, little bits and pieces. We never did talk about the "do you remember when's" but as we talked, the memories of our growing up years were stirred up anyways and i felt young again, then really old.

now what?

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