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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Vertical Marathon 2006 - Race Result Analysis

(edited on 23-11-06 to add in comparison against men's results at the end of original post)

Okies, so the full results are in.

and me, being super competitive, want and need to know where i stand.

(nah... kidding, i just want to bench mark and see how much better i could and should have done... *sniff*)

Group (Women)TotalFastestSlowest
Under 202012:1822:46
20 - 296310:4641:29
30 - 3943 (incl 1 DNF)11:2220:59
40 - 4919 (incl 1 DSQ)12:0625:44
Above 50711:4723:29

There were a total of 213 ladies who took part, with the fastest this year clocking in at a blistering 8:32.55 (A NEW RECORD!) and the slowest 41:29 (HEY! at least she completed).

Unfortunately 1 Did Not Finish and 1 was DiSQualified. The DNF is sad, but i wonder what happened with the DSQ? Did she run in another person's bib? i dont believe anybody will cheat for this event....

The largest group was in the 20-29 age group, but it also reflected in the large variance in timing. The other groups were smaller but were more competitive within each group, especially in the 30-39 where the difference between the 1st and the last was just 9:37min.

I suppose when you are 20-29, you will try anything at least once, regardless of physical condition. And the older ladies are more prepared, since none of them finished slower than 25:44min.

Yours truly weigh in at 131st out of 213.

Room for improvement?


out of curiousity, i checked out how i stacked up against the men...
- i would have came in 123th out of 140 men in 30-39 group,
- 386th out of all 451 men. i.e. my time is ahead of 65 men!
- in the whole field of all 664 participants(eh? i thought there were 1000 people who signed up? turn up rate is only 60%?), i came in 517th.

what fun! :D


well done!

good to c u again

still remember the last time we met is a yr ago at the start of our virgin marathon...hahaaa
thanks t@z :)

yup! good memories, those!

see you this Sun!
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