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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Run 061112

So after 4 parties in 3 days... i've decided to run, per schedule.

But was unable to do the 12km that i had wanted, and settled for 9.2km in 1:08 hr at a pace of mostly 7.5min/km.

Found a bunny pacer when i was into my 4km, he crossed the road into my path about 50m ahead. i maintained my pace and slowly caught up with him. As he heard steps behind him, he started to pick up his pace, but i had already decided run a fast one down the narrow 300m so that i didnt have to worry about him on my tail after overtaking him. And OFF I WENT, sprinting down at easily a 5min/km pace and left him in my dust.

As i turned into the beginning of the canal from the road, i slowed down and walked a little, preparing for my second lap. The bunny caught me finally and sprinted away and i lost sight of him. I caught my breathe and started running too, finally having him in my sight at less than 200m ahead about 1km in, catching him again at about half km before the turn around at the end of the canal. He looked startled! not that i was trying anything... I went all the way to the end to the road, while he turned promptly at the 2km mark. Instead of doing the outside loop again, i decided a 180 degree turn around back to the canal too as the sky as getting dark.

And inexplicably i caught him again at the return, around 400m towards the start point. This time, he sprinted away from me as soon as i passed him in my normal pace, I wasnt planning to sprint after him as i was into my warm down stretch.

WHAT FUN! well, for me lah, dunno how he felt... giggles*


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