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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


It was a mad mad mad weekend.
4 parties from Fri night to Sun afternoon.

10-Nov-06 (Fri)

Received an invite to go for a Smirnoff event with tie-in with the latest James Bond Movie : Casino Royale.

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Did you know that Smirnoff is the supposedly THE volka ingredient in the martini (shaken, not stirred) that James Bond drinks?

More James Bond Trivia:
- Daniel Craig is the first Blond James Bond?
- He is also the shortest at 1.8m?

ok, i got carried away there... and i'm not even a James Bond fan, just a Sean Connery fan... and it was not even a good party...

The event was held at New Asia Bar, part of the Equinox Complex. We were told to "dress to impress" and we tried, lah. I even brought clothes to change after office hours, now that I've a mobile wardrobe... :D

You'd think that a "James Bond" themed party is supposed to be classy... Unfortunately, the party was underwhelming and anything but:
- the darn place was over-crowded
- there were no free drinks
- the drinks that we had ordered (on 1-for-1 offer) were slow in coming, adding insult to injury
- there were no tie-in drinks (martini took too long for the short-handed staff to contoct)
- there was no tie-in in the music to the theme of James Bond, cant understand it cos there are so many iconic scores and tunes from so many James Bond movies
- the props were cheap-looking
- the James Bond cut-out looked too short, and i dont understand why didnt they depict him holding a martini in 1 hand, and a gun in another, seeing that is is the volka they are promoting?!
- they were stopping the music with full lights on to play stupid games
- the motley-crew guests were dressed in all sorts, including jeans + polo. even sighting a dish of Adam Chen didnt eleviate the eye-sore

at the end, you wonder what WAS the point of the event? is there a POINT?

We managed to get to the VIP area on level 2 eventually when some of the crowds cleared and had access to the free booze (volka + cranberry + orange juice = yum) after 11pm.

but i was only allowed 1 (ONE!!!!) drink on the account that i will be driving, 2 willing and ready back-up drivers not withstanding. damn... the night was gonna be long....

Eventually we made our way out at 1245am, and went for bah kut teh supper at breo cresent.

Reached home at 230am after sending the girls home.


11-Nov-06 (Sat)

Mad rush to get out of the house in time to pick up my VM race kit from Raffles City and then to arrive at M & AL's wedding at 6pm at Havelock Road. Held so early becos they were holding the solemnistation and tea ceremony before the dinner, and it was going to be a small intimate affair of less than 80pp so anybody late will be darn obvious...

We managed to get there in time, and the cocktail started promptly.

The small intimate ceremony got off at 630pm and buffet dinner was served at 645pm. Most pp had finished the dinner by 730pm, and all were drinking continously. M being the 2nd last bachelor of the group, the guys were there to drink to his marriage.

I had only 2 white wine, anticipating that i'll have to drive us home.

By the time the party ended at 945pm (more than TWO SOLID HOURS of drinking!) the groom was emotional over his blessed union with his wife, and the bride was giggly, and the parents were more than a little pissed with the unrelenting drinking.

In the end, i did drive home. After a week of the March, the Focus's steering felt tight and heavy, but no incident. Other than me screaming at E for playing waaaay too loudly with the kids.... oops.

All told. S.O.P.


12-Nov-06 (Part-1)

A lunch to celebrate niece K's birthday at 大上海 at King's Center.

The food was surprising good, compared to our previous outings there, helped perhaps by my sis ordering food different from the same-old-stuff that my parents always orders. The fried eel in honey sauce, deep fried pork knackles were especially memorable.

The kids had a whale of a time playing the restuarant as it was not crowded, and we sat at a table were there were ample room to play.

12-Nov-06 (Part-2)

Immediately after, it was baby S-A's 1st birthday at a private event held at MOF (Ministry of Food) at My Izakawa at Center Stage at Marina Square. quite a mouthfull, that. But trust me, knowing the whole phrase saves you lots of grief when finding it.

Parking was almost impossible due to the motor show at Suntec, but we were lucky as we managed to tail a family who were leaving the carpark, getting a lot in less than 5min and reached the cafe at 3pm. Other friends were not so lucky and waited up to 30min or even gave up to park at esplanade.

The place was jam-packed (another overcrowded event!), a testimony to the popularity of the proud parents. There was catered food, and free flow of drinks and deserts (just order from the waiters) as the cafe was booked for the private event.

We were stuffed from the lunch, and only order an ice-cream desert, 1 coffee and 1 ocha. so we didnt try try out the no-MSG, no-preservatives food.

Cake-cutting was at 4pm, and we left, fully exhausted at 420pm and vacating our place for other pp to take the seats.

the kids passed out in the drive to Ghim Moh from all the excitement.

i felt like doing the same. thank goodness i didnt have to drive...



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