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Thursday, November 09, 2006

OH shucks!!! and rambling thoughts abt driving

Went for a 5+ km+ jog at Ulu Pandan canal last evening with T and then a 40 storey climb at one of Ghim Moh's point blocks. The original plan was a slow 9+ km but had to change because T was late, he had never gone above 6km and his pace was too fast for me. (we finished 5.2km in slightly less than 30min...)

On hindsight, it may not have been wise to train with T as he was a regular 5km runner, trying 10km at the SCSM 06 for the first time. But i wanted company, especially at the late evening hour and we did promise to train with each other. BUT he does not believe in rehydrating during the run/ climbing, thus delaying my purchase of 100+ till the end of the run and 40 storeys climb which probably caused a delay in my recovery after the exercise....

i thought "no matter...." and took a shower and quick bite before driving to pick up the kids.

and here's where the OH SHUCKS come in...

it was past 8pm, drizzling and dark as I drove on the slightly unfamiliar roads, i had a headache not helped by the strong glare of head lights from cars behind in my mirrors, and i must have been too tired to concentrate on the road properly, as I was horned at 3 times.

All in, quite a harrowing experience, certainly the worst driving trip i've had. After we picked up the kids, i still had the drive home to contend with, thankfully it went without incident as I kept mostly to the left or center lanes.

Reached home with a SPLITTING headache, and a small wish for days old where i didnt have a car, no responsibility! but it is too late to comtemplate all that, isnt it? :(


So today is a brand new day.

Had to attend a meeting and a seminar, not driving is not an option. i just had to be thick-skinned and drive on, 硬着头皮 in a sense

Drove to office in town from home, and then from office to Revenue House, and then from there to office in Jurong.

At the start of each journey, i sat in the car to study the road maps for a good few minutes before driving off, luckily with no incidents, even in the heavy downpours throughout the day.


My thoughts on driving.

if only everybody
driving will be safer and a more pleasant experience for everyone.

but those are my thoughts today, ask me again about road idiots a year from now.... ;p


it had only been 6 days since i collected my car, and in 4 days of driving on work days, i've clocked 300km+... i can only get better, right? :)


hey hey, i just wanted to drop you a note to say that i really enjoy reading your blog. Though there arent super duper interesting things or pictures, i like it cos it's simple to read and it provides an insight on your thoughts through the succinct and sometimes amusing posts. =)

i wish i can afford a car soon though..
Post post a pic of ur car leh. :D
CB :)

thanks thanks, though i'm not sure if it is indeed a real compliment... but i'm glad you like my blog about mundane stuff with an amusing take if and where i can find it. LOL

a car? for you? of course, just do less shopping :D

i will i will i will.

unfortunately i will also be posting a pic of the first ding from an inconsiderate white Lexus door... :(
oh? Wat shopping?

It was indeed a compliment.
CB :)

Thanks and really too :D

what shopping? ye who blogged about quality shopping of branded stuff?

but seriously, ye who travel overseas so much do not need a car in SG.
hahaa..speaking of travel, i just planned out my entire month of travelling this morning.

next week, chiang mai and hi chi minh
next week, bali
next week, bintan
next week, sri lanka and cambodia..

but the think is i really like to own my own car.. decorating it, kitting it up etc..
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